Get Your Awesome Journey with KTM Ipoh

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When compared to buses and planes, trains transport mode is not so popular in ASEAN. This kind of transportation is also no less weight than two types of transport that we referred to earlier. However, there have been a number of startups are targeting this aspect by providing ticket online booking service. For those of you who do not want to bother buying a bus ticket to the sales agent, or want to avoid brokers, a number of websites online bus ticket available should be tried. One of them is Easybook. Claiming to be the largest online bus booking services in Southeast Asia, the Singapore-based startup is entering in the beginning of 2014. Imagining going to Malaysia with simple train and doing some good things in Ipoh, which is one of the largest cities in Malaysia will be awesome and fast when you are trying to get it with KTM Ipoh.

Not only train

Through this site, users can book bus tickets provided by 25 bus and train operators who have cooperated with Easybook. This site arguably provides a complete ordering filter. Users can specify the type of PP or one-way reservation, enter your departure city, destination city, as well as the departure date, choose bus operators, and the number of passengers. As a sister company of Watch movie streaming sites, this provides entertainment service that is claimed to be enjoyed for free and legally. The service is considered to be one that offered more value than its competitors. This year, the startup of transportation services in ASEAN as a prima donna. In general, the realm of transportation does offer a promising opportunity. Every day, many people travel by various modes of transport, especially in densely populated areas such as. Not surprisingly, many startups are entering the realms. This is one of the startups to try their luck.

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