Some Simple Tips of Wearing Hair Extensions

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We could choose the best hair extensions from the price. We could choose most suitable hair extension from the color and the length. However, if we apply it in the wrong way, our hair extension cannot make our hair look better than before. Therefore, we should know how to use hair extensions, especially if we use clip in hair extension.

Learning how to keep clip in hair extension in the place

The main goal of attaching the hair extension is to make the clips stay in the place. One trick to keep the clips in the position is by teasing the real hair at the root well. It is the key to making the hair extension stay for long enough in our head.

Learning how to style hair extensions

We should not always put the hair extension in a conventional way. We could style the hair extension in upside down. It could be used when we want to hair up hairdo. This way of putting the hair extension could help to get a new look.

Learning how to wash the hair extension

When we use hair extension, we could wash it at the same time that we wash our hair. The best method of washing hair extension is by using sulfate. When we use it, we should free shampoo on the scalp and a sulfate. Besides that, we should free the conditioner from the mid-shaft to the ends.

Learning how to experience with hair extension

Using hair extension is not like using wigs. It is because we could freely style our hair. We could experience our hair style and hairdo as we like. We could our own barber and style our hair.

Learning how to match the hair tone

We could use hair color to match the hair extension color and our real hair. We could use some hair product.


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