DIY sock crafts - dog

DIY sock crafts – Dachshund

Who would have thought that an ordinary sock can be used to make a unique, original and creative craft? It is interesting that the technique of this work is very simple, and even if you make shapes according to the same template, each of them will be unique and special..

What can be made from old and unnecessary socks? There are a lot of ideas for his glamorous life. For example, you can sew a warm blouse for a cup, a winter bouquet of flowers, create paintings, rugs, decor for a vase, and, of course, toys. In this article, we will talk about transforming socks into toys that can be a great gift for a child..

Materials for making crafts from socks with your own hands:

-one pair of regular socks;

– buttons for the eyes and nose of the dog;

– needle and thread;

– napkins and synthetic winterizer with which you can stuff a toy.

We make a dog – a dachshund with our own hands from socks:

We make a dog - a dachshund with our own hands from socks:

  1. You need to start work by turning the sock inside out and cutting off its upper part, where the elastic is located. These will be the paws of your dachshund. Their size is influenced by how wide you cut the elastic..
  2. Next, place the toe with the heel up. The upper part of the socks, which runs from the foot to the lower leg, is cut in half and sewn together. These are the paws of a dog. Do not forget to leave a small hole in this part so that you can fill the toy with napkins or padding polyester in the future..
  3. Fill the dachshund evenly with suitable material so that the image of the dog is already visible. At this stage, a finished torso and hind legs are obtained..
  4. Now you need to work on the neck. It is made from a second sock. The upper and lower parts are cut off from it and only a cavity remains in the heel area, which is worn on the body, stuffed and, when pulled down, is sewn, creating the image of a muzzle.
  5. From the part of the sock where the toes are located, the ears of the dog are made. One sock is cut into two and sewn from the inside. A small part is left for stuffing. If you want the dachshund’s ears to stick out upwards, it is worth stuffing with a harder material, for example, napkins.

Sock craft - dog. Manufacturing scheme

Next, you need to cut out the paws and tail from the remaining parts. These details are sewn, stuffed and only then sewn to the body..

Do-it-yourself craft - dachshund dog from socks

The dachshund is ready, you can proceed to the most creative stage – decorating it from colored fabric and sewing on details from buttons.

Thus, in this article we learned how to make a sock craft with our own hands – a dachshund. But there are still many options for crafts, which we will write about in the following articles..

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