christmas crafts for kids light

Christmas is the favorite holiday of Christians. It is customary to celebrate it on a grand scale in the family circle. It is also worth preparing for this celebration in advance. Children who attend various educational institutions make interesting crafts for this occasion. Therefore, in our publication you can read about what Christmas crafts you can do with your own hands for Sunday school children.

Sunday school today is attended by a large number of children in different parts of the world. Children learn the basics of Orthodox culture there and just have fun. The entertainment part is the creation of wonderful crafts that will be created in the Christmas theme. Therefore, if you are also planning to create something interesting, then pay attention to our examples..

Interesting crafts for Christmas

Christmas wreath.

It is worth saying that Christmas wreaths can be made from a wide variety of materials. For example, it can be:

  • sweets,
  • nuts,
  • Christmas decorations,
  • bows and other items.

christmas crafts for kids light

This list can be continued for a very, very long time. But if classes with children are planned, then it is best to choose the simpler option. Opt for a small wreath with buttons. To create such a product, take:

  • buttons of various sizes and colors,
  • thick sheet of cardboard,
  • scissors and PVA glue,
  • braid or piece of fabric,
  • beautiful paper.


  1. First of all, we cut out circles from cardboard and from a sheet of wrapping paper, which will have the same size. Make a hole in these circles.
  2. We glue the paper onto the cardboard. It is worth saying that for such a case it is best to choose festive paper..
  3. Prepare the buttons for work. They must match in color. Of course, such buttons must be beautiful..
  4. We lay out the buttons on the frame and see how this composition will look.
  5. After that, the buttons must be glued. The work should start with the largest buttons. Buttons can be placed tightly enough to each other or randomly. After that, the craft should dry.
  6. Next, from a piece of fabric or from a tape, make a loop.

DIY Christmas crafts for children

Paper angels.

In this article, you will find the easiest Christmas crafts for kids. They are very easy to make. In addition, their production can give everyone positive emotions..

Snow-white angels are the symbol of Christmas. For the Christmas holiday, they are made from different materials. Guys and adults in this case use to create them:

  • the cloth,
  • clay,
  • pasta,
  • paper.

DIY Christmas crafts for Sunday school kidsOf course, the easiest way is to make an angel out of colored paper. To make an angel, it is worth preparing:

  • Thick colored A4 paper.
  • Scissors and hole punch.
  • A thread.


  1. First, print the template and transfer it to a sheet of colored paper.
  2. The future figurine should be cut along the gray lines..
  3. Now fold the cut as shown. Now shape your angel.
  4. Make a small hole on the top of the angel’s head. You will thread a thread into it, with which you hang your toy..

christmas crafts for kids light

A jar that’s filled with magic.

A romantic and quite beautiful thing is a jar of magic. It is very easy to create such a product. In this case, you will need:

  • glass jar,
  • distilled water,
  • waterproof glue,
  • glycerol,
  • artificial glitter or snow flakes,
  • mini-figures of animals, Christmas trees or any other fairy-tale characters.


  1. We place the figures on the lid of the product. The result should be a beautiful composition. Attach the figures with glue and let them dry.
  2. Then put artificial snow and sparkles in the jar. You can also add confetti.
  3. It is worth pouring distilled water and glycerin into the container. At the same time, you should not fill the jar with liquid to the brim..
  4. The thread of the cover should be greased with glue. Close the cover securely. Leave the craft to dry.
  5. Decorate the finished craft with ribbons or lace.

DIY Christmas crafts for Sunday school kids


If you want to make beautiful and bright DIY Christmas crafts for children, then take a look at our modern ideas.

An important attribute of the Christmas holiday is the star. If we turn to the Bible, then it was she who showed the Magi the way to the newborn Savior of the world. Currently, performers of carols of different ages carry a star with them. And if your children also plan to do carols, then this star will certainly come in handy for them. To create an asterisk you will need:

  • skewer or even stick,
  • golden fabric (preferably felt),
  • sequins and sequins,
  • needle with thread,
  • cotton wool, glue, brush and scissors.


  1. From felt it is worth cutting out a pair of five-pointed stars of the same size.
  2. Use sequins and glue to decorate one side of the sprocket, which will be its face..
  3. The skewer should also be greased with glue and sprinkled with sparkles..
  4. After the skewer has dried, a piece of cotton wool should be glued to its end. The piece of cotton wool should be almost the same size as the stars.
  5. Now sew a couple of blanks in order to get a voluminous star.

christmas crafts for kids


In this article, you were able to see just a few of the Christmas crafts for kids. Making such products is quite simple. Of course, here you need patience and perseverance. But if you show these qualities, then as a result you can get wonderful products..