DIY felt carrot, master class

Carrots are a very healthy and very beautiful vegetable! Therefore, many designers create their own bright and unique compositions, including this element made from a variety of materials.!

We are with you, we will follow their example and decorate our cozy kitchenette with a basket of carrots, sewn with our own hands! Such a still life in your kitchen will be able to instill appetite in the most capricious and difficult-to-feed child with just its appearance! Trust me, Checked!

Fabric carrot master class

Fabric carrot master class

To “harvest” such a “crop” with your own hands, you absolutely need to prepare the following working tools and “seed”:

  • All kinds of pieces of fabric in orange and green tones;
  • Sintipon for filling carrots;
  • Paper, pencil, pattern ruler;
  • Needles with thread;
  • Scissors;
  • Pins;
  • DESIRABLE, but not required – a sewing machine.

When you are “armed” with all this, we will begin our “hard” work on sowing, and then collecting the “crop”:

1. Draw patterns for carrots on paper, cut them out with scissors;

2. We put the patterns on the fabric, folded with the face in the middle, pin it off with pins and cut it out, leaving seam allowances of about 1 cm:

We put the patterns on the fabric, folded with the face in the middle, pin them off and cut out

3. Sew the workpieces on a sewing machine. If you do not have such “luxury”, then we sew a needle forward with a specially invented seam;

4. We turn out the details, carefully with a pencil we straighten all the bends and corners;

5. We stuff the craft very tightly – carrots with synthon:

We fill the craft very tightly - carrots with synthpon

6. Sew the very top of the carrot with a basting stitch. We insert the “curly forelock” carrots into the tightening hole, tighten everything well on a thread. We fasten it on a knot. If you wish, you can fix the “forelock” even more strongly by stitching the green “forelock” of the carrot with the carrot itself at the junction of the green “forelock”:

If you wish, you can fix the

Having completed five to seven carrots according to the same principle, you can safely prepare your own kitchen composition or a whole garden bed with your own hands from felt.