DIY napkin crafts step by step

Flowers that are so similar to natural and other equally interesting crafts can be made at home from napkins with children. Then your home will be decorated and revived in any weather and any time of the year. Of course, flowers are the easiest to make. After all, they will never wither, from them you can make not only bouquets, but also other compositions, but in general you can make a lot of interesting things from napkins. This article will help you learn about what crafts for March 8 you can do with your own hands from napkins.


  • We fold a simple napkin into an accordion with sides of 1 cm.It is better to mark these distances first, then the product will turn out to be more accurate.
  • When the entire napkin has turned into an accordion, you need to fold it in half to find the middle. Here, in the place of the fold, we tightly tie the accordion with a strong thread.
  • Cut the edges roundly with scissors.
  • Now we fluff up our accordion, and pour glue into the folds carefully for a corrugated circle and get a beautiful carnation.
  • It remains to collect carnations in bouquets.

handicrafts from napkins grade 4

Beautiful rose. Master Class

  • We cut the napkin into 4 parts. We fold one in half and fold it over a short part into a not tight tourniquet. On the one hand, we tie it tightly with a thread, this will be the core of the flower.
  • Cut the remaining 3 parts of the napkin diagonally. Their right angle is bent, and with the two remaining tips we grasp the core slightly and fasten them together with a thread. Determine the required number of petals yourself.
  • Rose stems can be made from thick wire, wrap it with thick cellulose of the desired color. During the assembly of the flower, you can also attach a sheet of paper to it..

handicrafts from napkins grade 4


  • Fold the red napkin in four and cut out the petals in the manner of a snowflake. We unfold the napkin, the quatrefoil should come out of it.beautiful crafts from napkins
  • We do the same from a pink napkin, but a slightly smaller quatrefoil should turn out.
  • We make a base from green cellulose, also folding it four times in a pattern of 4 cm in diameter (round).beautiful crafts from napkins
  • Cut out a circle of 6 cm in diameter from a black PVC bag.
  • We stack red and pink blanks on top of each other.
  • We cut the petals until even, leave the base intact.beautiful crafts from napkins
  • Put a black circle in the middle, green on it. We fix everything in the center with a thread.

We fluff up our poppy and it’s ready.

beautiful crafts from napkins


After reading this article, you will learn how to make DIY napkin crafts. Here we have instructions step by step. Study another interesting master class.

  • Fold the napkin diagonally, then fold it in half along the fold line.
  • We make a triangle from a napkin along the folds.
  • Fold the ends again with a triangle with one vertex.
  • Flip the structure and align the top with the base.
  • Bend the craft in half.
  • We make a piece of wire in half, it should be slightly longer than a butterfly, wrap the wire with cellulose, twist it and make antennae, if there is an extra tail left, cut it off.

make crafts from napkins

Another butterfly making workshop

  • Make a triangle out of a napkin and then bend it like an accordion.
  • Clamp the center of the craft with a clothespin.
  • The lower wings are made of diamond-shaped cellulose. You need to fold the rhombus with an accordion, long in the middle and short at the ends.
  • We connect the parts, remove the clothespin and fasten them with wire.

Little bird

  • For a white dove, take blue, green or blue paper as a tint..
  • Draw the contours of the bird on it. If you have a white background, then paint it with watercolors..
  • We cut simple white napkins into 1×2 cm squares.Then we roll them into balls.
  • You will need a lot of such balls. Spread glue on the contours and sprinkle our balls tightly on it. You can apply the glue unevenly, then you get a more voluminous effect..

make crafts from napkins

May 9, replace from March 8!


Did you know that all the kids who attend grade 4 can make napkin crafts? Next, let’s talk about what needs to be prepared for the next craft option:

  • Old newspapers – a lot,
  • A couple of packs of napkins,
  • 1 planter pot,
  • Sand-cement mixture – a little,
  • Rope 30 cm,
  • Threads 1 spool,
  • 2 thin laces 35 cm,
  • Glue + glue gun,
  • 3 branches,
  • Stapler, you can still take the accessories.

make crafts from napkins


  1. In an old vessel, stir the sand cement with water. Then put a little in a pots.
  2. In the still not solidified mixture, set 3 branches tightly, and wait for the mixture to harden.
  3. We spread glue on the hardened mixture and decorate natural material on it – pebbles, moss, shells.
  4. With tape we twist two branches around the central one, we get a beautiful trunk.
  5. Now we turn to the crown – we crumple the old newspapers, then we straighten them and cover them with glue.
  6. We wrap the trunk at the top with these newspapers, you should get a tight ball.
  7. The finished structure can be wrapped with threads and coated with glue. The crown should turn out to be slightly smaller than the planter, otherwise it will outweigh the base.
  8. While everything dries, let’s take care of flowers.
  9. We bend several napkins in half and fasten them with a stapler in the middle..
  10. With scissors we give them the shape of flowers. The top layer should be removed and attached vertically. Raise the remaining layers of the flower for splendor. You can shape them into waves for beauty.
  11. We make 40 bases for our flowers from cellulose.
  12. We grease the ball from the newspaper with glue and attach flowers to it. The denser the flowers are, the more beautiful the tree will turn out..

crafts from openwork napkins by March 8


  • We make a doll frame from wire.
  • We tear the white napkins into strips. We wet them with glue and wrap the doll’s frame.
  • We are waiting for drying. We will make the ballerina’s dress from three-layer napkins, you can also divide the white napkin into layers.
  • We make a piece of cellulose like a snowflake, fold it in a triangular shape with sharp corners.
  • Round the edges with scissors.
  • We straighten the napkin and fold it again, twist it to give the skirt a texture.
  • We make 3-4 such skirts, you get a voluminous ballet skirt.
  • At the very bottom, you need to make holes for the head and arms in order to put it on the ballerina.
  • We make a dress out of it and dress our doll.
  • We wind a white thread around her waist.
  • You can wind pointe shoes from white napkins, as well as make a tiara and decorate it with beads..

crafts from openwork napkins by March 8


If you try a little, then you will be able to make beautiful crafts from napkins. Take a closer look at another master class.

  • We make a blank heart from thick cardboard, cut it out.
  • We make flowers from white and red napkins – more layers – fluffier flowers.
  • We take napkins and fold them in four, to a square. Draw a circle on it and cut.
  • In the middle we fix it with a paper clip..
  • Now we raise each layer so that the flower fluff up.
  • Count the number of flowers according to the size of your heart.
  • Lubricate the heart with glue and attach flowers to it, it is better to start from the edges and move to the middle.

You can make a two-color craft, from flowers of different shades.

Finally, attach a ribbon to the heart with a stapler, tie it into a beautiful bow.

DIY crafts for March 8 from napkins


  • You need to take 4 squares of cellulose of different shades.
  • Collect all 4 corners on one unfolded napkin.
  • Put a napkin crumpled into a ball in the middle.
  • Turn over and put a white cellulose circle in the center.
  • Making a doll’s head, tightening the ball with a thread.
  • From another napkin, twisting it, we make a roller, these will be hands.
  • We insert from into the base under the head, again tighten with threads.
  • Cut out a triangle from cellulose under a scarf.
  • We tie it on the head and fix the ends with glue.
  • Down for splendor, you can add 1 more napkin as a skirt.

DIY crafts for March 8 from napkins


  • On an unfolded napkin, bend the ends to the center.
  • We turn this napkin 90 degrees and again bend the 2 free sides so that they are combined in the middle.
  • We bend this rectangle along the center line along the length to get a long dense strip.
  • We unfold our napkin.
  • We fold it with an accordion along the fold lines.
  • We straighten and fold the accordion again, but in the other direction.
  • We bend all corners inward at 45 degrees.
  • We connect the ends of the accordion from 2 sides and you will get a volumetric origami – an asterisk.

DIY napkin crafts step by step

Openwork crafts

You probably figured out that making napkin crafts is a real pleasure. And we are ready to present for you some more original ideas..

  • Such crafts seem to be simple in appearance, but at the same time they are original and full of charm..
  • For white napkins, you need to cut off the middle and roll it up in the shape of a rose, gluing the edge.
  • At a red round napkin, cut from edge to middle and fold into a bag.
  • This will be a bud, it needs to be carefully straightened.
  • We attach these buds with tape to the skewers..
  • Cut out the leaves from corrugated paper and make a twig from 3 pieces.
  • For each bud on a skewer, you need to attach a twig.
  • The stems are wrapped in green paper and sealed.
  • We collect our bouquet, wrap it with wrapping paper and tie it with a ribbon.

DIY crafts for March 8 from napkins

Cute angel

  • Crafts from openwork napkins for March 8 are a great gift for your loved one. To make the next product, follow all instructions.
  • Glue the cone from a white napkin and wait for it to dry.
  • From another napkin, cut the triangular wings and glue them on the cone along the seam just below the top.
  • Flatten the top a little and glue a bead there, and on the other side attach a white halo.

DIY crafts for March 8 from napkins

Some more interesting ideas for crafts

Christmas tree.

  • First, we make a cardboard cone of the desired height.
  • We take purple or green napkins and stack them on top of each other in several layers. Now we cut off a circle from them, which we fasten with a stapler in the center.
  • We lift each layer and twist it like a rose, all the way down to the last tier. We get 5 pieces of such roses, which are glue on a cone in a circle.
  • Next, we make a few more roses, but smaller in size. And so each row on the cone is made smaller..
  • It remains to attach a star to the top of the cone.

DIY crafts for March 8 from napkins

Forest old man.

  • From thick cardboard we make a blank in the shape of a skittle.
  • We take white and light green napkins, put them on top of each other.
  • Now let the child put his palm on them and trace it with a pencil..
  • Cut out the palm from the napkin, separate all layers.
  • We glue them on a cardboard pin with our fingers down. Better to start at the bottom and 2 identical colors per row.
  • From above, in place of the head, we glue with palms in a circle, and so that the thumb always looks in one direction.
  • Glue the loop on the inside of the pin.
  • Draw out the grandfather’s face from colored paper – eyes, mouth and nose.

DIY crafts for March 8 from napkins

More creative ideas

You can make universal garlands that will come in handy not only for the new year, but also for any special occasion in the house..

From multi-colored napkins, cut many blanks in the shape of a heart, geometric shapes, flowers, stars, etc..

In the center, make a hole at each so that you can thread a garland with bulbs.

You can hang such garlands under the ceiling or on the walls..


  • We take the yellow three-layer napkins and divide them into layers, bend them at the folds. Fold 2 pieces again in four.
  • We fasten 2 finished parts in the center with a stapler, preferably 2 staples crosswise.
  • We cut the workpiece to the very staples.
  • We fluff up the ball and drop it on the brackets with glue, glue it onto the workpiece.
  • We fold another napkin sixfold and then everything is the same – fasten, cut, glue.
  • Make a comb and a beak from red paper, glue it to the right places. Make eyes from black dots.
  • At the bottom, where the legs are, you can simply glue the green corrugated paper.
  • You can also make a snowman, only from white napkins.

DIY napkin crafts step by step

How to make napkin decorations for a room

  • First, decide in what colors you are going to decorate the room. Please note that a combination of several suitable shades will only enhance the elegant effect of jewelry..
  • We make accordions from unfolded napkins. We put a new napkin at the end of each accordion so that they connect. The width of the accordion is 2-3 cm.
  • Smooth out the finished harmonicas with the palm of your hand.
  • We bend them in half, mark the center, make 2-3 such blanks.
  • Round off the edges with scissors. Try to do it as smoothly as possible..
  • Now we connect the extreme sides of the accordion to make a ball or pompom. We do the same with other blanks.
  • We fasten several blanks to each other, hang the finished balls on threads or simply attach them to the walls with tape.

DIY napkin crafts step by step


Together with the children, you can make many decorations from napkins, perhaps new original ideas for crafts will appear in the creative process.