Flashlight from a can - do it yourself cans, master class

Do-it-yourself flashlight from a can

Do you want to decorate the exterior of a summer cottage or a personal plot? Make your own lanterns and fill the atmosphere with romance and comfort. In summer, lanterns will help illuminate the gazebo, and in winter, they will create fabulous shadows in the snow. With your own hands, you can make an inexpensive light source for gatherings in the yard and surprise friends and family with ingenuity.

Do-it-yourself flashlight from a can

To make flashlights you will need:

– several cans;

– wire;

– paint cans;

– nail;

– hammer.

Master class craft a flashlight for giving with your own hands

1. Remove labels from cans. This can be done with alcohol or acetone. If there is neither one nor the other, then hot water and a sponge for washing dishes will help. Soak the jars in boiling water, and then simply rub with the rough side of the sponge.

Master class craft a flashlight for giving with your own hands

2. Now pour water into the jars and carefully place in the freezer in an upright position. We are waiting for the water to freeze and turn into ice, after that we take out the cans and proceed to the next stage of work.

3. Using a nail and a hammer, knock out the holes. In the upper part of the can, make holes for the handle, and then on the entire surface of the can. The pattern can be chaotic or thought out in advance, for example, stars, hearts, flowers. Make holes in all the jars.

4. Let the water melt completely and the jars dry. You can wipe them with a towel so as not to wait long.

5. If the bottom of the can is deformed due to frozen water, then carefully align it with a hammer.

Do-it-yourself flashlight from a can, master class

6. Cut off thirty centimeters from the wire and make a handle for a flashlight out of it. We fix by clamping at the edges of the holes made for the handle. We make such pens on all flashlights..

7. Now we take a can of paint and paint the can and the handle of the future flashlight.

8. Insert a candle inside each jar.

Watch the video: Tin can flashlight

Lanterns or candlesticks for the street are ready. In the summer they can be made in color, in the fall – in warm pastel colors or bright orange, and in the winter – in pale blue, silver or lilac. If there is a themed evening, then can lanterns will become a godsend for creating a fashionable design. They can be used not only for the street, but also indoors. Homemade lanterns – crafts will be a great lamp when the lights are turned off.