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We present to your attention several options for interesting do-it-yourself bird feeders. It turns out that the feeder can be easily made from ordinary plastic bottles, all kinds of boxes, wood – if you wish. This article will try to awaken this desire in you, thanks to which many birds will be able to comfortably survive the winter..

DIY bird feeder photos, drawings

DIY bird feeder photos, drawings

First, let’s take a look at the great many different feeders made from a wide variety of materials. This will help you decide on the image, choose the option that suits you..

This will help you decide on the image, choose the option that suits you.from a plastic bottle and glass jar

we use juice packaging

baby feeder toys

But now take a closer look at the drawings – maybe something will interest you.

After all, with the help of a tree, the feeder can be given any look: you can build a mini-castle, you can put an ordinary “dining room” on racks, you can decorate the feeder with intricate carvings, etc. as far as imagination allows and there will be the necessary building materials.

But now take a closer look at the drawings - maybe something will interest you

wooden feeder

do-it-yourself wood feeder

It is very good when children are involved in making – they immediately develop such character traits as caring for their neighbors, love for animals, responsibility, an interest in tinkering, something to create!

Bird feeders from scrap materials

Bird feeders from scrap materials

No matter what you make your feeder for the dacha, it is important to know the basic (and mandatory) elements of the feeder:

1. Your feeder must be with a roof – this way the food will remain dry and not covered with snow, and it will be easy for the bird to enjoy your treat;

2. Be sure to make the opening of the feeder wide enough, birds are very shy, especially afraid of confined spaces. What if several hungry flyers arrive at your “bird’s canteen” for lunch at once? It is important to take care of this option as well;

3. When choosing a material for a feeder, be guided by its strength and moisture resistance: the denser and more moisture-proof the source material, the longer your feeder will serve;

4. The feeder very often turns out to be too light, therefore it reacts to every gust of wind, while the grains and crumbs are scattered and the birds remain hungry. To cope with this problem, you need to make the feeder a little heavier. To do this, lay a piece of plywood, linoleum on its bottom (strictly according to the size of the bottom).

Do-it-yourself grain feeder for birds

Do-it-yourself grain feeder for birds

And how do you like this grain feeder, for which nothing is needed at all, only the feed itself?

And how do you like this grain feeder, for which nothing is needed at all, only the feed itself?

Now you will find out how you can make such a feeder yourself from all kinds of cereals..

This feeder looks great and does a great job at the same time! Branches of trees in the garden, decorated with such “decorations”, give your garden an aesthetic and exclusive look. So let’s get started!

We need:

• All kinds of grains, crumbs, seeds – all raw, as fried will only harm little flyers;

• Egg;

• Oatmeal;

• Honey;

• Gelatin;

• Flour;

• Pencil;

• Thick cardboard;

• Scissors;

• Dense nylon thread.

Step-by-step production of a grain feeder:

Step-by-step production of a grain feeder:

1. Using a pencil and a regular sheet of paper, draw the shape of the future feeder. Hearts, stars, triangles, circles, squares – any geometric shapes will look beautiful;

2. Cut a piece of paper with scissors and attach it to thick cardboard. Circle with a pencil and carefully cut along the contour;

3. Take care of preparing bird feed in advance. Pick up unroasted and unsalted grains, all kinds of bread crumbs;

4. Using a needle and a dense nylon thread, make a hole in the cardboard base and thread a thread through it – with its help this “delicacy” will be attached to a tree branch;

5. To keep the grains and crumbs together and adhere well to the cardboard base, prepare a natural glue:

  • 2 tbsp. tablespoons of oatmeal (in no case oatmeal);
  • 1 egg;
  • 1 teaspoon of flowing honey;
  • Flour.

All ingredients are thoroughly mixed in a bowl and left for 30 minutes. for swelling.

6. Apply the prepared sticky mass to the base;

7. In another container, thoroughly mix all our grains;

8. Dip and roll in the resulting crumb-grain mixture our base coated with “glue”;

9. Finished grain feeders must be placed in the refrigerator for several hours – the mass must freeze well and acquire the necessary strength;

10. Hang such delicious “treats” on the branches of the trees and watch from afar the feast of the birds that have arrived to treat themselves and eat!

And here is another recipe for making

And here is another recipe for making “glue” for a grain feeder:

• Dissolve one packet of gelatin in warm water;

• Pour all kinds of grains into the still warm solution;

• Prepare ordinary cookie cutters, put the thread in them and fill in the resulting grain mixture;

• Send the molds with the contents to the refrigerator to thicken;

• Delicious toys are ready, you can safely hang them on tree branches!

Prepare regular cookie cutters, put string in them and fill with the resulting grain mixture

Another “quick” option is to get some old cups, or take ordinary plastic cups, fill to the top with the prepared mixture (on any basis from the suggested ones). After the mixture thickens in the refrigerator, tie the feeder to the tree branch with a ribbon! The quick option is no worse!

DIY bird feeder out of the box

DIY bird feeder out of the box

An ordinary cardboard box can successfully serve as a dining room for birds! However, it is advisable to select boxes covered with a special protective layer, laminate – this will significantly increase the service life of your feeder.!

An ordinary cardboard box can successfully serve as a dining room for birds!

Juice boxes (both inside and outside are covered with a special moisture-proof layer), from small appliances, medium boxes from mail parcels, bright candy boxes are ideal. Even shoe boxes will do a great job with the functions of a feeder.!

Candy Box Bird Feeder

You will need:

• Candy box (3 pcs.)

• Two medium nylon twine or two shoe laces.

Place one end of the box inside the other in such a way that you get a triangle of three interconnected candy boxes, as shown in the picture:

Pass the string through the roof of the feeder, with the second cord, firmly attach your feeder to the tree.

out of the candy boxcandy box feeder

The feeder is ready, all that remains is to pour in delicious grains and crumbs!

We make a feeder from a box of juice, milk:

Even a child can cope with the manufacture of such a feeder (by the way, do not forget to involve children in this entertaining activity).

You will need:

• Box of juice or milk;

• Long lace;

• Knife or scissors.

Take a suitable size box and using scissors or a knife, carefully cut a hole in the side wall of the box.

Pass the string through the top edge of the box, right in the middle, and attach the “freshly prepared” feeder to the branch.

We make a feeder from a box of juice, milk:

Get some bird food as soon as possible – they have already found a new feeder and are waiting for your treat with all their might.!

If you want to make a large enough feeder. To fit a whole flock of birds – take a regular mail parcel box! Carefully glue the top with tape, cut wide holes in the side groans, fix it on a tree – you’re done! See what happened:

DIY bird feeder from bottles

This is where the soul can turn! There are a lot of all kinds of plastic bottles of various shapes and colors around! There is a great opportunity to show your creativity, invention, originality!

Let’s take a closer look at the idea of ​​converting an ordinary plastic water bottle into a BIRD FEEDER.

We need:

  • Knife or scissors;
  • Plastic bottle with a capacity of 5-6 liters;
  • Wire;
  • Bird food.

Stages of making a feeder from a plastic bottle:

1. Using a knife or sharp scissors, carefully (so as not to cut yourself) cut a wide hole in the plastic bottle, located slightly above the bottom of the bottle (2-3 cm will be quite enough);

Stages of making a feeder from a plastic bottle:

2. You can make several windows, one on each side.

3. Wrap the neck of the bottle with a strong wire and secure the other end of the wire to the tree branch;

4. Lay plywood or a piece of linoleum on the bottom of the feeder, with their help we will make our feeder heavier and it will not sway and turn over with every breath of the breeze;

5. Fill up the bird food and wait for the “guests” you have invited!

Plastic bottle feeder with spoons

Let’s say that you want to make a small compact plastic feeder, then take a 1.5-2 liter plastic bottle!

You will need the following materials:

• Plastic bottle for 1.5-2 liters;

• Wire;

• Sharp knife or scissors;

• Two wooden spoons for coasters;

• Food for birds.

DIY bird feeder from bottles

Step-by-step instruction:

1. Take a plastic bottle with a capacity of 2 liters, measure 15 cm from the bottom of the bottle with a ruler and make a through hole at this height in the very center of the bottle for a wooden spoon;

2. Climb even higher (approximately to the middle of the bottle) and make another through hole for the second spoon. Only at a different angle (perpendicular to existing holes);

3. Insert through spoon bottle;

4. Increase the hole on the wide side of the spoon – the grains will spill out and it will be convenient for the birds to peck them;

5. Put the bird food into the bottle;

6. Tie a wire around the neck of the bottle and attach it securely to the branches of the tree..

The feeder is ready! In a few minutes it will be visited by birds wishing to treat themselves to.

Another version of a plastic bottle feeder, more simplified:

We use the same materials as for the spoon trough. But now we don’t need spoons, but instead, prepare electrical tape.

Stages of making a feeder from a plastic bottle:

So, in a two-liter bottle we cut a large hole at a height of 5-7 cm from the bottom of the bottle. In order for the birds to sit comfortably on the cut edges of the bottle, we glue the sections with electrical tape or tape (of your choice). We wrap the wire around the neck of the bottle and fasten it to the tree branch. Pour in feed – everything is ready!

DIY wooden bird feeder

We have already considered quite a few different options for bird feeders, made from all kinds of improvised means and even waste. It will not be right at all if a reliable and durable tree feeder is left without attention – these are the feeders that hung on the trees in our childhood. It was them who were taught to make us in labor lessons by our trudoviks!

After all, with the help of a tree, the feeder can be given any look

Let us recall the manufacturing technology and – for the cause!

First, let’s get some fantasy and paint! Armed with a piece of paper and a pencil, draw the type of feeder you plan to make. Seeing her on paper. Estimate the size of the future bird canteen. Only after that you can start making the feeder..

Alternatively, use the ready-made drawings, which are presented at the very beginning of this article. The dimensions are already indicated there, the contours are clearly outlined – you can safely proceed to the following events.

To make a wooden feeder, you will definitely need the following tools:

1. Hacksaw;

2. Hammer;

3. Nails.

Prepare the following materials in advance:

• Plywood of the required size;

• Bars 2×2 cm;

• Thin wooden board for the base of the trough.

We go strictly in size! The dimensions are shown in the drawing..

1. Cut out a rectangular base of the required size from a thin wooden board (solid);

2. Now go to the plywood sheet and cut out a rectangle of the same size as the base – this plywood sheet will serve as the roof of your feeder;

3. We cut the bar into four parts, and one pair of beams should be 3 cm shorter than the first pair. Thanks to this design, the water will smoothly flow down the roof of the feeder and not stagnate on it – the roof will last much longer!

4. We retreat 1-1.5 cm from each end of the trough and nail the racks, first to the base of the trough. And then we nail the roof to the racks. The front struts should be shorter than the rear ones;

5. We nail a wire or a strong nylon cord to the middle of the roof and fix the feeder on a tree.

Everything! The work is done, we pour the food, and we admire the fun bird feast! Do not forget to take pictures – the memory will remain for life. There will be something to show to grandchildren and what to make with them!

In no case do we paint the feeder with paint or varnish – birds do not tolerate such odors and will not visit a painted feeder with their presence!

What food is good for birds, and what, on the contrary, can harm them?

Feeding birds is a commendable activity, but you should know that not all food is suitable for birds! One food can provoke the illness of a trusting and hungry flyer, another can even lead to the death of the bird, but the third one will definitely help the bird to hold out in a cold and hungry bench press and live until the long-awaited spring!

So, what should not be given to birds in feed:

  • Fresh white bread crumbs;
  • Rye bread crumbs;

    Banana skins and all kinds of citrus fruits;

    Cream cakes, cakes;


    Roasted and salted seeds;



What can and should be treated to birds:

  • Raw seeds;
  • Buckwheat, millet, oats, millet;
  • Crumbs and small pieces of stale white rolls;
  • Dried and cut into pieces fruits (dried fruits);
  • Titmouses are very fond of small cubes of unsalted bacon;
  • For red-sided bullfinches, put mountain ash, viburnum in the feeder.

A few more photos of the original feeders:

original but complex wood feeder

wooden houses

wood feeders

Thanks to your attention and care in the winter, there will be a real chance to survive for a larger number of birds, which, in turn, will surely thank you later with their songs and “sanitary and health” work in your garden.!

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