how to make a lawn with your own hands instructions

The lawn in our time has become an integral part of the decor for a summer residence. They are used to decorate lawns, playgrounds and garden places. The lawn also performs the function of cleaning the atmosphere and keeping humid air in the heat. At the same time, few people think that there is nothing difficult in growing grass cover. Anyone can grow it. We will help you with this. Read on to learn how to make a level lawn..

Did you know that there are several varieties of lawn. Among them, the main differences are the color of the seed, whimsy or not whimsical care. It is very easy to get lost in them. To understand them, you need to contact the consultants of these stores or ask the advice of experienced summer residents if you have any acquaintances..

how to make a beautiful lawn

Types of grass cover

The tips in this article will allow you to make a flat lawn in the country. But all the details need to be understood in more detail. All lawns are classified by purpose, herb mix and care. Let’s take a look at the most common ones:

English. It is also called parterre. Sowing material belongs to the elite varieties and is used for decorative purposes. They fill the space between flower beds and shrubs. Sun-loving and capricious in leaving.

Ordinary. Of the most common types of lawn, it is well suited for a vacation spot with a family, not capricious in care, not inclined to trample, tolerates winter frosts well.

Mauritanian.  It contains a mixture of flowers and herbs. Demanding for watering, and the set of colors included in the seed component will provide border flowers throughout the summer. Suitable location for a given green cover of a lake or pond shore and a lawn near the house.

Roll. This lawn only requires to prepare the site, level the surface and lay it ready with a powerful root system with an even layer of turf and a lawn resistant to garden diseases..

Instructions for making a lawn

In order to know how to make a lawn with your own hands, you will need instructions. If you stick to it, then everything should work out. If you are thinking about the shape of the lawn, then remember that it depends on the relief, on the idea you want to embody and the size of the personal plot (straight, stripes, arcuate).

To grow a lawn, we need:

  • Shovel,
  • Rake,
  • Boards (or skating rink),
  • Seed mixture,
  • Seeder,
  • Irrigation hose.

If you have all the tools in stock, then you can safely start sowing green cover..

make a flat lawn in the country

Stage 1.

First, you need to choose in advance a place for the future planting of the lawn. It is desirable that it be sunny and slightly shaded, if this is not the case and the site is heavily overgrown with trees and shrubs, then it is necessary to pick up a mixture of grass typical for such a site in the store..

The soil itself must be loose and sandy, otherwise drainage will have to be done. Weeds must be removed from the prepared area for sowing the grass cover with the help of a herbicide (if after 10 days overgrowth from the roots of the grass appeared, then the herbicide treatment must be repeated until the weeds are completely removed). Also, the earth must be dug by removing all debris and remnants of vegetation. Then compact with earth tamping. In the selected area, it will be necessary to level the soil with a rake, otherwise the place will turn out with relief (slopes, hills, hollows). After that, you must make a special groundbait, then compact the earth with a tamping using a roller (cut from a pipe) or a piece of board.

Stage 2.

Before sowing, the surface of the soil is raked and begins to plant. The lawn is sown in the furrows. They are made with a rake horizontally and then vertically. After the seeds are divided into 2 parts, mixed with sand and sown to a depth of no more than one centimeter. Observing the seeding rate, you can get friendly shoots.

how to make a smooth lawn

Stage 3.

Now try to mix the mixture with the soil using a rake. The seeds must also be tamped with a roller, which can become a pipe segment. This will provide good conditions for quick pecking of the seeds. Then pour everything carefully. When the first shoots appear, the future lawn should be watered, depending on the type of grass you have grown. Mowing the lawn should start from the moment the height of the green vegetation reaches 7-9 centimeters. After that, this process is recommended to be done regularly..

And what is a rolled lawn

Now you can learn how to make a beautiful lawn. For the lazy, there is a separate type of lawn – roll type. It is distinguished by saving time and effort. This grass cover looks like a special mesh with a turf thickness of up to 5 centimeters rolled into a roll, which makes it convenient to carry and transport to the place where it will be laid.

Before laying this lawn, a pre-selected area is cleared of weeds with a herbicide, then fertilizer is applied and the area is leveled to avoid air voids between the soil and the grass.

Now you can begin to carefully lay the lawn while carefully rolling it with a special roller and watering it well. If everything was done correctly, after a while you will get a flat lawn of a solid green color..

A roll lawn has some disadvantages. The disadvantages include: the rapid growth of the grass mixture. This leads to very frequent lawn mowing. This type is used for fast growing coverings in a short time. For example, stadium, park, square, landscape design.

how to make a beautiful lawn

How to decorate the coating

The lawn is central to landscaping. Nowadays, they began to combine it with fine gravel, colored pebbles, granite boulders. They also began to supplement it with garden figurines from fairy tales. Also, ordinary flowers in flower beds can be located on the lawn. In general, it all depends on your invention and idea of ​​what you want to embody in yourself for decoration on the site.