Aerated concrete houses - insulation

Aerated concrete blocks are successfully used in the construction of country houses together with other products, due to their operational characteristics.

The main feature of aerated concrete is that the porous structure gives it high thermal insulation properties. For example, D300 blocks are used only as insulation. Houses made of aerated concrete, which is important to insulate, taking into account the properties of the material, are made from blocks of the D500 brand and above. These building materials are characterized by a higher density and strength, but lower thermal insulation properties..

Since aerated concrete has extraordinary thermal conductivity, the question arises: “Is it necessary to insulate a home from this building material?” We will try to answer. Due to its high porosity, aerated concrete has good water absorption. Although moisture cannot penetrate deep inside the blocks, their outer layers are sensitive to it and can deteriorate over time..

Thermal insulation of aerated concrete blocks increases their thermal insulation performance and extends their service life. Many modern materials of this type are distinguished by sound insulation properties that increase the comfort of staying in rooms..

Of the positive features of the external insulation of the home, it is worth listing the following:

  • The energy efficiency of the building is increased many times, which reduces heating costs in cold seasons;
  • The comfort of living is increased by improving the soundproofing properties of the outer walls;
  • Improved decorative appearance of facades;
  • The service life of the entire structure is significantly increased, since the supporting structures of the house are under reliable protection from external influences.

The solution to insulate aerated concrete house 8×8 – allows you to exclude freezing of walls and the formation of condensation inside. How to insulate a house from this building material? There are several types of insulation materials that can be used for this job. They differ in price, installation method and other criteria..

Important! When choosing the best way to insulate a house from gas blocks, it should be remembered that the insulation should be light so that it does not exert significant pressure on the wall.