All the advantages of aerated concrete blocks

In modern construction, aerated concrete blocks are actively used not only for the construction of residential buildings, but also for various urban buildings, utility rooms, garages and much more..

In apartment buildings, walls are erected from this material. Now this material is in great demand. Many consider it to be just an ideal material for construction, because it has a huge number of advantages. You can order gas silicate blocks at competitive prices here

Why choose gas silicate material

First, it should be mentioned that the material has a fairly high level of density and resistance to moisture, chemical and biological substances. Thanks to a special production technology, the blocks have a porous structure. As you know, air is the best heat insulator..

Thanks to the porous structure, a kind of air cushion is created, which perfectly protects the room from the penetration of the cold inside, and keeps the heat well inside the house. In addition, gas silicate blocks have the following advantages:

  1. high level of fire safety;
  2. resistance to temperature extremes;
  3. easy care and handling.

This material does not need to be constantly treated with special varnishes and antiseptics, mold and mildew will not appear on the gas silicate blocks, insects and rodents will not appear inside the blocks. If you need to cut a block, or make a hole in it, then there will be no difficulties in this, because the block is very easy to process.

If we compare such blocks with bricks, then they are much larger, which means that the masonry can be laid much faster. In this case, the seams will be much smaller. Thanks to this, much less building mixtures will need to be used. You will need to spend much less time preparing them. Since gas silicate blocks do not weigh much, it is not difficult and easy to work with them..

Besides, blocks are durable material. They can serve a person for about a century. Environmental safety is an important indicator for many. The material is made only from natural materials, the blocks do not have hazardous toxic substances. Thanks to this, the units will not emit toxic substances that can be dangerous for people and the environment. Since the blocks have a flat surface, they are easy to process and combine well with other building materials. Gas silicate block is an excellent combination of price and quality.