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It is very pleasant to give gifts. Besides, it is very pleasant to receive gifts. But those gifts that were created with your own hands are especially well appreciated. There is no need to be surprised at this. After all, such presents were created with soul and imagination. It is customary to give a variety of gifts, handmade souvenirs on Valentine’s Day. As a rule, such gifts are carefully kept by the other halves and cause only warm emotions in them. In this article, we will tell you what kind of gifts for Valentine’s Day you can make yourself. Here you will find photos of such gifts, as well as the most original ideas that you will definitely want to make.

Gift Ideas

Crackers with sweets.

Valentine’s Day is a special holiday. On this day, you can delight with gifts not only your loved ones. It turns out that cute gifts can be given to girlfriends and friends. Each person will be pleased to receive the next gift. To create such a presentation, you should prepare:

the most original gifts for Valentine's Day

  • toilet paper rolls or paper towels,
  • tape and wrapping paper,
  • confetti and scissors,
  • small souvenirs or sweets.


  1. The cylinder is cut in half.
  2. After that, each half of the cylinder should be filled with mini gifts or sweets..
  3. Now the halves of the cylinders are folded together and glued with tape.
  4. Next, a sheet of beautiful wrapping paper is taken. They should wrap the two halves of the cylinder. Secure the structure again with tape..
  5. Ribbon segments must be attached to both ends of the cylinder. You can curl the ends of the ribbons with scissors..

In order to get to the contents of the candy, you need to unwind this gift in the middle.

Simple vase with hearts.

It is worth noting that making gifts for February 14 with your own hands is quite simple. A minimum of effort can be spent on this activity. However, despite this, these presents will delight everyone with pleasant memories of this day. On Valentine’s Day, you can make an original vase with your own hands. All that is needed to create it is:

  • glass jar,
  • red felt and strong thread,
  • needle, tape and glue.


  1. First, hearts are cut out of red felt. It is not necessary to make them big..
  2. A needle and thread should be threaded through all the hearts. Leave a distance of 7 cm between the hearts..
  3. If all the hearts are put on a thread, then its end is tied with a knot..
  4. Then, using tape or glue, secure one end of the thread to the jar. Then wrap the entire jar with this thread..

A holiday gift is ready! You can now pour water into it and place flowers.

DIY valentine's day gift photo

Cute bouquet.

If you do not know which Valentine’s Day gift to make with your own hands, then pay attention to the following photo. This bunch, perhaps, can be attributed to the number of those very original presents. To create an original bouquet, prepare:gifts for February 14 do it yourself

  • green felt and twine,
  • simple thread and multi-colored threads,
  • satin ribbon,
  • white acrylic paint (spray paint is also suitable),
  • twigs and hot glue.


  1. Our bouquet will consist of pompons. Therefore, the thread is wrapped around the fingers about 75 times. To make a large pompom, the thread is wrapped around 4 fingers. For a small pom-pom, you need 3 fingers. Wrap the required number of turns on your finger, then cut the thread.the most original gifts for Valentine's Day
  2. Now cut off another piece of thread. It will be needed in order to wrap the lump that was wrapped around the fingers. Tie the thread into a knot.
  3. Now remove the thread from your fingers. (Do it carefully). Then, using scissors, cut all the loops on the left and for February 14 do it yourself
  4. Adjust the threads to make the pompom fluffy. Make the pom-pom even. Cut off excess threads.
  5. After creating the pom-poms, make stems for them. They are painted white.
  6. Then, using hot glue, the pompom is attached to the stem.
  7. Leaves are cut from felt. They can have absolutely any shape. The petals are also glued to the stem with glue..
  8. Several similar flowers need to be made.

The finished bouquet is wrapped with a beautiful ribbon or twine. You can also complement the bouquet with a ribbon with congratulations..

Puzzle cube.

Valentine’s Day crafts are an original gift for everyone. And all because it is unusual. In addition, they are very easy to do with your own hands. We are ready to offer you another master class. To make crafts, prepare:

  • 4 wood cubes,
  • brushes and acrylic paints,
  • sequins of different colors and PVA glue,
  • heart pattern and simple pencil.

gifts for February 14 do it yourself


  1. Place all 4 cubes on a flat surface..
  2. Place the heart template on the cubes. It needs to be outlined with a pencil..
  3. PVA glue is applied to the place of the heart already on the cubes.
  4. Now it is worth carefully pouring in the sparkles. Excess sparkles are shaken off with a brush. You can apply glue on top of the glitter for a good adhesion. The glue must dry.
  5. Next, the cubes need to be rotated and repeated all the same in order to make another heart. However, a different color of glitter is used to create a new heart, so you must cover all sides of the cubes..
  6. The finished cubes are folded into a beautiful bag, which can also be decorated with hearts..the most original gifts for Valentine's Day

Creative gift for a guy.

On Valentine’s Day, it is customary to give completely different gifts. They are purchased in stores, or made with their own hands. The next gift will be appreciated by the guy. It is quite simple to make it. Take:

  • white cardboard,
  • scissors and photo frame,
  • lipstick red.


  1. Often the cardboard is cut out. As a result, you should get a sheet that will be larger than your photo frame..
  2. Apply some kisses to white cardboard.

    Insert the cardboard into the frame and write congratulations for your beloved on its back.

DIY Valentine's Day crafts master class

Origami diamond.

Girls love diamonds. At all times, rings were considered a pleasant gift. But if you do not have the opportunity to give a real diamond ring, then try to make it using the origami technique. You can make such a diamond from: a sheet of paper, glue and scissors. You may also need a ruler. The whole process of creation can be seen in the for February 14 do it yourself

the most original gifts for Valentine's Day

gifts for February 14 do it yourself

Paired T-shirts.

You can please your loved one with an original T-shirt. Moreover, it is very fashionable to give such T-shirts. A wide variety of notes can be placed on T-shirts that will allow you to show those around you tender feelings..the most original gifts for Valentine's Day


In this article, we have listed the most original Valentine’s Day gifts. As you can see, making them is very simple. However, such gifts can make any inhabitant of our planet a happy person..