Bath cleaning at home, means, methods

Many people want the bathroom to remain always clean and snow-white, but something constantly interferes with this. It happens that somewhere rust or streaks begins to appear, and you need to get rid of them. Today, with our own hands, let’s talk about ways to clean the bath at home.

In order to clean the bath you need:

o Sandpaper.

o Gloves.

o Solvent.

o A solution that will help get rid of rust.

o Nitroenamel.

o Rags.

We clean the bath at home

You need to start work by removing rust, oxalic acid will help you better than others. Mixing acid and water in the correct proportions will leave a viscous liquid. If she is not able to help, then the solution should be chosen stronger, having previously studied the rules for working with it. Next, you need to wash the bath well, and sand the damaged areas with sandpaper, then apply a solvent on them. If you don’t, the enamel you applied will soon deteriorate. After all of the above has already been done, you can move on to painting the bath. It is better to do all this with spray enamel, three times, every half hour.

Before passing the surface of the bath a second time with a spray, you need to make sure that it is completely dry. And in the end, all you have to do is polish the bath.

How to clean an old bathtub at home

How to clean an old bathtub at home

You can also use another method. It is more suitable for old baths. It is necessary to pour the cleaning agent on the damp surface of the bath and leave until completely absorbed..

After twenty minutes, you need to clean the surface from rust. This should help, but this method cannot be used on a new bathroom..

How to clean a cast iron bath from plaque at home

Cast iron bath cleaning

And if you have a cast-iron bath, then closer to night, when you will no longer use it, fill it to the brim with hot water, add a large amount of bleach, and leave it like this until the morning..

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