DIY Easter baskets from scrap materials

Happy holiday – Easter will come very soon. All believers are looking forward to it. Did you know that for this holiday it is customary to make gifts and all sorts of handicrafts. The most popular Easter crafts are Easter baskets, which you can make with your own hands from scrap materials. Here we will offer you the best ideas for such baskets..

Baskets from scrap materials

Basket from an old jar.

To make your first basket, you will need a plastic container. This jar can be from under the curd or other product. You will also need a satin ribbon, flexible plastic for the handle, cardboard and glue..

how to make an Easter basket with your own hands


  1. First of all, you need to cut off the bottom of the jar..
  2. The walls of the container should be wrapped with satin ribbon. The base must not sag.
  3. Now it’s time to glue the bottom. To do this, cut out a circle from thick cardboard and glue it to the jar with glue..
  4. To make a handle, you need to wrap a piece of plastic with tape. Then it can be inserted into the basket and glued.
  5. The finished basket can be decorated to your liking..

DIY fabric basketDIY fabric basketDIY Easter baskets from plastic bottles

Plastic bottle basket.

It should be said that you can make DIY Easter baskets from plastic bottles. However, for the next craft, you will need a 2 liter bottle. It is also worth preparing:

  • a piece of fabric and a piece of lace,
  • stapler, glue and scissors,
  • foam rubber,
  • a piece of rope or wire.


  1. The lower part is cut off from the bottle. It is also worth cutting off the strip that will be the handle..
  2. Half of the bottle must be wrapped in a cloth and secured with a wire.
  3. A circle with a margin is measured from the fabric and subsequently cut out.
  4. Now you need to assemble the structure. This is done from bottom to top. First: lace fabric, foam rubber, a bottle in the fabric. The edges of the outer fabric are tucked inward. You will have the base of the basket..
  5. Then you need to make a handle. In this case, a piece of plastic is taken and pasted over with a piece of colored cloth. The finished handle is attached to the basket with a stapler.
  6. The finished basket can be decorated in any convenient way.

DIY paper Easter baskets

Large fabric basket.

A beautiful, and most importantly, durable basket can be made from pieces of bright fabric. Your gift eggs and other gifts in it will look quite interesting.

how to make an Easter basket with your own hands


  1. The bright fabric is cut into strips. A thick and long cord should be twisted from the strips..
  2. A long sausage should be started to be twisted in a spiral. In this case, the turns must be sewn to each other..
  3. When the bottom is ready, you need to move on to creating the walls of the basket. In this case, one turn is sewn at an angle. Further work continues to be done in a different plane..
  4. When the walls of the basket reach the height you need, you need to carefully mask the tip and sew a handle to the product. The handle should be woven from the fabric in the same way as the bundles for the basket itself.

Advice! In order for the handle of the basket to be more durable, you need to attach a double harness.

how to make an Easter basket with your own handsDIY Easter baskets from plastic bottlesdo-it-yourself easter basket made of cardboard

Simple but original basket.

Easter baskets, which were created with your own hands from scrap materials, look quite beautiful. To make the following basket, you need to prepare:

  • piece of cloth,
  • small plate.

DIY Easter baskets from scrap materials


  1. The fabric is laid out on the table. Place a plate in the center of this piece of fabric..
  2. Place one corner of the fabric in the center. He has to close the plate. Do the same with the second end..
  3. You must straighten everything and you will get a strip as a result. Now tie the knot the other way.
  4. As a result, you will get the base of the basket. You just have to make a pen. To create a handle, the fabric is twisted with a tourniquet, and its ends are tied at the top with a knot.

DIY Easter baskets from scrap materials

Cardboard and colored paper baskets.

A beautiful DIY Easter basket made of cardboard looks great. Making such a craft is extremely simple. But first of all, you need to prepare everything you need. To make the craft, prepare:

  • Cardboard and corrugated paper that can be replaced with napkins,
  • Glue or stapler,
  • Beautiful ribbon.

DIY fabric basket


  1. So, a circle must be cut out of cardboard, which will be 20 centimeters in diameter..
  2. Now, inside this circle from the center, it is worth drawing another circle, which will be a radius of 4-5 cm.As a result, you should get a circle in a circle.
  3. From a small circle, you need to make 8 rays, which will have an equal distance.
  4. These 8 lines should be cut with scissors to the middle of the circle.
  5. Connect the sides with a stapler or glue. The result will be a basket.
  6. A handle should be cut out of cardboard, which should be 2 centimeters wide. This handle should be 40 centimeters long. Using a stapler, the handle is attached to the base of the basket..

You should definitely decorate the basket. Inside the basket, you can put a napkin in one tone or a sheet of corrugated paper. Thinly cut strips of corrugated paper are placed on top of this piece. Bows can be glued around the edges of the basket. They can be made from satin ribbons. This bow can also be tied to the handle of this product..DIY Easter baskets from scrap materials

Easter basket made of felt.

We would like to offer you another interesting craft – this is an Easter basket made of felt. You can easily make it yourself. Of course, sewing skills are required to create a basket. And if you have such, then you will definitely succeed..

DIY Easter baskets from scrap materialsDIY fabric basket


  1. A long strip is cut out of felt, the width of which should be about 7 cm.It is also worth cutting out a circle, which will be the base of the basket.
  2. All parts need to be put together.
  3. To decorate the basket, butterflies and grass are cut out. It is also recommended not to forget about flowers. These elements are attached to the basket by means of glue..

DIY felt basket

Newspaper straw baskets.

You probably have old newspapers at home. But you don’t need to get rid of them. After all, from them you can make Easter baskets with your own hands from newspaper tubes. And now we will tell you how to do it correctly..


  1. So, from the newspaper you need to cut strips that will have a width of 10 cm.
  2. Now take a knitting needle and wrap a strip of newspaper around it at a 30-degree angle. It is worth winding up tightly enough. And the upper end should be several millimeters wider than the lower one..DIY Easter baskets from newspaper tubes
  3. The tip of the tube should be fixed with glue. The number of newspaper tubes should correspond to the length of your product. In general, you need about a hundred of these tubes..
  4. The base is made of four newspaper tubes, which are folded in such a way that a cross is formed..
  5. Next, take the fifth tube and fold it 1/3 from the beginning. With the fold that turned out you need to hook one side of the cross. Start braiding around the main guides. Cross the two ends of the work tube and braid the next guide. The drawing should resemble a “figure eight”. According to this scheme, it is worth braiding the first circle..
  6. Now the guides, consisting of two tubes, are separated. And from the second circle, you need to braid each guide separately. You have 8 guides. Thus, it is braided: 2, 3, 4 circle. As a result, you will get the bottom of the basket..
  7. In order for the basket to turn out more dense, it is necessary to weave a few more circles according to this scheme.Step-by-step tips for weaving newspaper baskets
  8. The guides are bent upward. You should start weaving the rim of the basket. Continue weaving in the same pattern. However, the diameter of the circle does not increase. If the tube from the newspaper has run out, then it is replaced with a new one. But you need to insert so that the narrow end can dock with the wide.
  9. Weaving continues until the basket reaches the desired height. When the length suits you, you need to hide the ends under one of the weaves. The structure should be fixed with PVA glue.
  10. In order to make a pen, you need to pass it along a newspaper tube on both sides. They should be folded in half. The ends are braided with a third tube.
  11. The finished basket needs to be painted. Use gouache in this case. At the same time, it is not recommended to dilute the paint with a large amount of water. The side can be decorated using the decoupage technique.

On a note! So that the eggs in your basket do not beat, you need to put an artificial filler inside.

Easter basket from a disposable cup.

A plastic cup can also be turned into an original product. To create a craft, you will need: the plastic cup itself, wire, scissors and a pencil.


  1. Marking is applied to the top edge of the glass. It should be done in 1 cm..
  2. An incision along the markings should be done before reaching the bottom of 1.5 cm.
  3. Next, bend the free edges and fix them in the comb through 4 strips. The strip will hold well due to the rim on the cup.
  4. All strips must be secured.
  5. You need to make a handle from the wire. And it is worth decorating this pen with a beautiful satin ribbon..

That’s all! You just have to put only an Easter egg in the center of such a basket..

DIY Easter baskets from scrap materials


If you like to create something beautiful and delight loved ones with original gifts, then make a wonderful product for Easter. Surely, your loved ones will appreciate your efforts and will be happy..