Catching crucian carp on a jig in winter, methods, bait

Many fishermen, even amateurs, know that it is easiest to catch crucian carp in the summer. However, few people know that this fish can be easily caught even in winter. Indeed, with the onset of cold weather, the crucian carp burrows into the silt. There he hibernates until the ice melts. The fish is found in those bodies of water where there is no water flow. However, in those reservoirs that have an abundance of oxygen, crucian carp is caught all year round..

Winter fishing is especially successful in sunny weather, when there is a slight thaw. At this time, the crucian carp is mobile and feeds. It is noteworthy that biting can be active not only during the day, but also at night. But when it snows heavily outside, there is a pressure drop..

Toga fish goes to the bottom. Anglers in such a situation have very little chance, since the fish does not react to any bait..

It is best to catch crucian carp even in winter with a fishing rod that has a float. Fishing with a plumb line is also used, as well as a device called a jig. Consider exactly catching crucian carp with a jig.

Winter fishing: we catch crucian carp with a jig

We select the “cool” place

When choosing a place for future fishing, you need to pay attention to places where there is a good influx. A section of the reservoir is selected where there is no silt at the bottom, but there is sand. You can look for a good spot on rivers with weak currents or on lakes in river beds. In this regard, reservoirs look very good, where there are many underground springs. It is good to fish in bodies of water where the aquatic environment is regulated by humans. Such places include dams or areas where waste water is collected..

In winter, there is no point in trying to fish very deeply. If the crucian carp has gone to the bottom, then it is not active there. Not far from the coast, you should look for a crucian carp that is ready to feast on bait. There, the depth can reach as little as three meters. It is impossible for Saz to tell which bite is in one place or another. But if you can find a good spot, then the fish will stand there for a long time. And this means that it will be possible to catch crucian carp with your own hands in the same place today and tomorrow, since the fish does not move from place to place in the reservoir.

Equipment for catching crucian carp on a jig

In order to catch crucian carp with a jig in winter, you can use any type of rod with a nod. The crucian carp is caught manually. It is best that the whip is no more than twenty centimeters. Based on how much the fish bait device weighs, the nod is directly selected. The nod should be more relaxed than, for example, for catching predators such as perch. Crucian carp takes careful bites, so the nod should be sensitive.

The fishing line is selected with a thickness of about 0.1 millimeters. Thin line is best used with shallow bait. Even such a thin, but high-quality fishing line is capable of removing crucian carp weighing up to one kilogram from the hole.

What are the jigs for catching crucian carp?

What are the jigs for catching crucian carp?

The jig performs the function of delivering the bait to the fish. In order for the fish to notice the jig, you need to choose the correct and attractive, but not frightening color. It is best to use natural colors. It is gray or golden in color. As for the shape of the jig, absolutely any option can be used. It is important to choose the right hook, the size of which for ice fishing should be fifteenth or eighteenth.

What to catch and what to feed crucian carp for in winter?

What to catch and how to feed crucian carp in winter?

The best option for profit is a bloodworm, which is strung in a bundle. The hook should be almost completely closed. Carp is excellent for catching maggots, molar larva, worm, meat. When the bite is active, you can use the dough.

It is not worth feeding a lot of crucian carp in winter. If you overfeed the fish, the bait on the hook will be ineffective. It is best to buy groundbait in a store. There we choose for roach or carp. You can make groundbait yourself from breadcrumbs and crackers. It is important that the mixture has products not only of plant origin, but also of animal origin. You can add a little fodder bloodworm. However, with such a bait, you need to be careful not to overfeed the fish and attract the perch..

The mixture is molded with balls, pre-moistened with water. Two balls are thrown into the hole half an hour before the start of fishing. If the bite does not increase, then when fishing, you can add a little dry mixture directly to the hole.

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How to catch crucian carp with a jig?

How to catch crucian carp with a jig?

It is advisable to use at least three holes for catching crucian carp in winter. Moreover, they are placed next to each other. If there is no bite within an hour, then you need to look for another place where holes are drilled.

One rod is placed permanently. The bait is located a few centimeters from the bottom. A jig is placed on the other rod. With an interval of five seconds, the jig rises from the bottom to a height of 40 centimeters. Crucian carp bite in pauses or immediately after holding the mormyshka in height. If crucian carp bites strongly, then the fishing rod can be left on a permanent basis. Then you have to watch every nod. Crucian carps peck carefully, therefore it is recommended to hook them. However, you should not abruptly pull the line, as you can break the lip of the fish.

Catching crucian carp in the winter on a jig, video

As a matter of fact, this is how the winter carp fishing takes place. It is noteworthy that during a fishing day you can catch up to a bucket of crucian carp in winter, and this is a very good catch.