Planting strawberries (strawberries): timing and technology

These berries are very popular among both gardeners and consumers. But for some summer residents, additional explanations and recommendations on the technology of growing these berries are still needed. Indeed, when planting strawberries and strawberries, it is necessary to take into account the time, rules of care and reproduction, feeding methods and much more. Let’s try to answer the most common questions: “How to choose the right planting time?”, “How to prepare the soil on the site?”, “What fertilizers to use?” and “How to properly care for young seedlings?”.

Planting dates for strawberries (strawberries)

you can transplant strawberry seedlings in spring and autumn

The time for planting berries depends on the climate of the area in which the summer cottage is located. In principle, you can transplant strawberry seedlings in spring and autumn. At this time, it has a sufficient number of outlets and whiskers, the air temperature at this time is not high, and the soil is moist enough.

Experienced gardeners recommend planting strawberries in August. This month, dacha chores are slightly reduced, there is more time, and there is a lot of planting material. Berry bushes have time to take root well in a new area before the cold weather, and then easily endure winter.

If there is only an open earthen area for planting seedlings, which is constantly blown from all sides by the wind, then it is worth postponing planting until spring. In such an area, and also with little snow in winter, seedlings may die..

Spring planting, depending on weather conditions, can be carried out from mid-April to early May. Young bushes will have a whole summer to settle down in a new place and gain strength.

Autumn planting in some regions is carried out from August to September, and sometimes to early October.

Preparing a bed for strawberries (strawberries)

Strawberry beds should be located in well-lit, sunny areas.

Strawberry beds should be located in well-lit, sunny areas. The soil must be prepared in advance: get rid of all weeds, branches, stones. It is good if onions, garlic or root vegetables were grown in the beds before strawberries, and even better – siderates (for example, lupine). They need to be planted in the spring, and at the end of summer everything must be mowed and the area must be watered with a drug with effective microorganisms (EM is a drug).

A wide and deep hole is made for each young bush. The distance between them should be at least thirty centimeters, and the row spacing should be about forty centimeters. The soil from the holes must be mixed in equal proportions with compost and manure, and also add two glasses of ash. All this mixture is poured into the hole in the form of a small slide and a strawberry bush is planted in it..

Planting technology of strawberries (strawberries)

a bush of strawberries or strawberries is placed on a prepared hill of soil, the roots are straightened and carefully sprinkled with earth

Before planting, seedlings must be placed in a disinfecting solution in order to prevent diseases and pests (for example, garlic solution). You can hold the seedlings for some time in a solution – a growth accelerator or in ordinary water. Choose the time for planting seedlings in the evening or in cloudy weather.

No more than four healthy leaves are left on each bush, and the rest are disposed of. The root system is also pruned, it will be enough to leave a length of ten centimeters.

Each young strawberry or wild strawberry bush is placed on a prepared pile of soil, the roots are straightened and carefully sprinkled with earth, while spilling it with water. Wet roots will take root better and faster. Particular attention must be paid to the optimal positioning of the growth point above the soil. The “heart” of the seedlings should be at the same height with the surface of the garden bed. Its strong burial into the soil and excessive elevation above it will also be harmful..

Care of a young bed of strawberries (strawberries)

you just need to mulch new seedlings

Fruiting of new seedlings will occur only next year. In the first year, young seedlings must root thoroughly and reliably – this is the main task. To this end, on strawberry bushes, it is imperative to pick or cut off all the whiskers and flowers that appear..

And you just need to mulch new seedlings. As a mulching material, dry grass and fallen leaves, straw and sawdust will do. But the ideal option for berry bushes would be needles. She not only scares away harmful insects with her smell, but also helps to resist various diseases..

For the rapid and favorable growth of strawberry bushes, it is necessary to use various organic fertilizers containing easily assimilable nitrogen. Such feeding can be started as early as the third week after planting. You can use fertilizers purchased in specialized stores (for example, vermicompost), or you can use fertilizers from your garden or farm. Well-proven as a fertilizer for strawberries and strawberries infusion based on bird droppings or on the basis of herbs.

We wish you excellent and abundant harvests!