Growing tomato seedlings: sowing, picking, watering and feeding, hardening

A good harvest of tomatoes can only be obtained from quality seedlings. Due to the short summer, climatic conditions in some regions do not allow growing tomatoes in another way. That is why, starting from February-March, summer residents and gardeners begin to grow seedlings at home..

So that the future tomato harvest does not disappoint you, you need to get acquainted in detail with the rules for planting seeds, picking seedlings, with the methods of watering and feeding.

Sowing tomato seeds for seedlings

Sowing tomato seeds for seedlings

The soil that will be used for sowing seeds should be frozen for two weeks before planting on a cold balcony or outdoors. This mandatory procedure is essential for pest control. After all, it is no secret that microorganisms and larvae that are dangerous for plants perfectly preserve their vital activity while in the soil..

Seeds also need special preparation – this is keeping them in a manganese solution, soaking in a biostimulator and mandatory hardening.

And one more important point is the pre-sowing disinfection of all planting tanks. Boxes, cups, pots or containers are thoroughly washed in a weak manganese solution before filling with soil. All containers should be with drainage holes and trays.

The process of planting seeds is carried out in the following order:

  • The containers are filled with moistened soil.
  • The soil mixture is leveled and small grooves are dug at a distance of 3 centimeters from each other at a depth of 0.5 cm.
  • Distance between seeds – 1 cm.
  • The planted seeds are crushed with a thin layer of earth (no more than 1 cm).

The containers, together with the pallets, are placed in a dark but warm room, having previously covered them with any film. In a bright room, the seeds can overheat in direct sunlight and there will be no shoots.

The film is removed after about 6-7 days. At this time, the first shoots will already begin to appear, and they will need a sufficient amount of sunlight..

Pickling tomato seedlings

When at least 2 leaves are formed on young seedlings, and this is about two weeks later, you can start picking.

When at least 2 leaves are formed on young seedlings, and this is about two weeks later, you can start picking. Seedlings must be transplanted into large cups or pots. At this stage of growing seedlings, you can use improvised materials instead of containers – plastic bottles, boxes and jars of yoghurts, juices, mayonnaise, kefirs, etc..

If the seeds were originally planted one at a time in an individual pot, then picking is done very easily and quickly by transshipment. The plant, together with the earthy clod, is carefully transferred to a larger container. This method relieves plants from the stress they receive at the time of transplantation and shortens the adaptation time to a new place to a minimum..

If the seedlings grow in a large wooden box, then when picking, each seedling is carefully separated from each other and transplanted into separate small cups. If a thin root is damaged, the plant still needs to be planted, since this culture takes root well in almost any conditions. Experienced summer residents even purposely pinch the main root so that lateral root processes appear faster.

If, during transplantation, the root accidentally breaks off completely, you can put the plant in water and very soon it will have new roots.

Watering tomato seedlings

Tomatoes are a plant that is resistant to temperature drop and drought. These crops require moderate watering.

Tomatoes are a plant that is resistant to temperature drop and drought. These crops require moderate watering. With an excess of moisture, the plant will begin to stretch, and the immunity will weaken.

From planting seeds to picking, the irrigation pattern will change at every stage. Before germination, the planted seeds are watered once a day in the morning with water at room temperature. Watering can be replaced by soil spraying.

From the moment the seedlings appear, irrigation is carried out every five days with warm, settled or filtered water. During this period, it is very important not to allow excessive waterlogging of the soil, as young plants will get sick with the “black leg” and die. The air humidity should also not be high, it is advisable to carry out regular ventilation, especially in hot and sunny weather..

After picking tomato seedlings, watering is carried out only after the top soil has dried, that is, if necessary. Sometimes it is very useful to loosen the soil instead of the next watering..

Top dressing of tomato seedlings

Top dressing of tomato seedlings

When growing seedlings of tomatoes, top dressing is applied three times with an interval of 15 days. For the first time, seedlings are fed after a pick (after about half a month). Each summer resident can choose one of the most convenient options for mineral or organic fertilizers:

  1. To prepare this top dressing, you will need urea (0.5 grams), superphosphate (4 grams), potassium salt (1.5 grams) and 1 liter of water.
  2. This fertilizer consists of two liters of boiling water and a tablespoon of wood ash. Used after daily infusion and straining.
  3. Top dressing consists of ammonium nitrate (about 0.5 grams), superphosphate (about 4 grams), potassium sulfate (2 grams) and 1 liter of water.
  4. A ready-made infusion based on banana skins or egg shells is added to water (in a ratio of one to three) and used for watering.

Preparation: prepared organic waste is poured into a 3 liter jar (more than half of the jar) and poured with warm water. Within three days, the liquid is infused in a dark and warm place..

Hardening tomato seedlings

Hardening of tomato seedlings is carried out at a temperature of at least 12 degrees Celsius.

Hardening of tomato seedlings is carried out at a temperature of at least 12 degrees Celsius. Around the middle of spring, such temperature conditions can be created on a loggia or a glazed balcony. This procedure helps to strengthen the immunity of plants. Hardened seedlings will more easily tolerate temperature extremes and exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

For the first week, containers with seedlings are on a closed balcony. Starting from the second week, the plants gradually become accustomed to the cold air. To do this, you need to open a window on the balcony every day, first for about 20 minutes, and then gradually add 10-15 minutes. This hardening continues until transplanting into open beds. Before the day of planting seedlings in the ground, it is recommended to leave the plants in the fresh air for 24 hours.

In the absence of a balcony, tempering can be carried out on the windowsill, periodically opening the window.

Seedlings that will yield a large yield should be large, juicy, dark green leaves and buds ready to open. Such a healthy look can only be found in seedlings that have been properly and patiently looked after..

Video – growing tomato seedlings: from seedlings to picking

Seedlings of tomatoes: from seedlings to pickingSeedlings of tomatoes: from seedlings to picking