30 kg of cucumbers per bush

What needs to be done in order to get 30 kg of harvest per season from one cucumber bush? It is quite possible to achieve such a result. You just need to choose the right variety of cucumbers, as well as apply EM technology..

To obtain hybrid cucumbers, two selected varieties are used. Thus, you can get fruits that will have a high degree of endurance and at the same time give a good harvest during the season, even in spite of bad weather conditions. This is explained by the fact that the hybrid absorbs only positive properties from the varieties with which it was created. This phenomenon is called heterosis..

Reference! If you properly care for hybrid cucumbers, you can harvest a rich harvest during the season..

The seeds of the hybrids are marked F1. It means that the cucumber variety was created by crossing using 1st generation seeds. Hybrids have only 1 drawback – the seeds of the grown plants cannot be used for the next planting. But if you do this, then the result will be completely different..

EM-technology is a system that is based on the use of beneficial microorganisms that are capable of multiplying at a high rate in the soil and have a beneficial effect on plant development..

Japan became the pioneer of such organisms. They were able to synthesize Dr. Teru Higa. In Russia, such microorganisms were obtained by P.A. Shablin. He developed a drug called Baikal EM. There are also drugs made by the “Shining” company. Both options are equally effective..

How the technology is applied

Cucumber growing technology

  1. To get a large harvest of cucumbers, you should use varieties with a bundle arrangement of ovaries, for example, F1 Zyatek, F1 Geyser and the like..
  2. A month before you start planting cucumbers, you need to prepare a warm bed. It should be treated with EM preparations, taking into account the recommendations in the instructions.
  3. The cucumbers must be planted according to their size. Ideal – staggered.
  4. The bed must be mulched once a week. The cucumber bush itself needs to be covered with mulch from chopped nettle.
  5. The beds need to be fertilized with herbal infusion with the addition of EO preparations..
  6. Cucumbers should also be sprinkled with a special cocktail. In a bucket of water (10 l), you need to dilute 20 “Healthy Garden” granules, 1 tbsp. “Shining”, as well as 20 “Ekoberin” granules. This solution helps to enhance the vitality of the plant..

As evidenced by the appearance of cucumbers

The appearance of the leaves and fruits can tell a lot about the condition of cucumbers..

  • If there is not enough nitrogen, then the leaves in the lower part of the shoot turn yellow, and the growth of the lashes slows down. Cucumbers become wedge-shaped.
  • With a phosphorus deficiency, the leaves become soft and acquire a dark green tint. Later, they begin to dry out and eventually fall off..
  • If the plant needs potassium, then the leaves begin to appear with a light border around the edges. They dry very quickly in hot weather..
  • When a cucumber bush lacks calcium, its leaves begin to take the shape of a dome in the middle..
  • If white spots begin to appear, then this indicates a lack of iron and trace elements. To fix this, you should check the soil. It can be too acidic or too alkaline..

Throughout the entire growth period of cucumber bushes, it is necessary to shape them. It is also very important to harvest regularly. The smaller and younger the fruits are, the greater the amount of the crop will eventually be harvested for the entire season..