How to grow arugula on a windowsill. Growing arugula at home

Green vegetable plants in your daily diet are an important part of a healthy diet. Parsley, lettuce, young nettle, watercress, and arugula, which consist of a huge amount of vitamins and useful elements, have become popular in cooking for a long time. Many housewives use these gifts of nature to prepare delicious salads, sauces and many other dishes. But still, arugula is the most valuable product of all green vegetables in terms of its composition..

This plant, which has long been known, has other names – arugula, indau, eruka, rocket, caterpillar. Each country may have its own name for arugula, but it is always present in the most famous and popular restaurants and cafes. French, Italian and Turkish cooks consider this salad plant to be the strongest aphrodisiac, and this is another reason to use it in their culinary arts..

The beneficial properties of arugula are explained by its rich composition of macro and microelements – potassium, zinc, iodine, iron, magnesium, calcium, sodium, copper, manganese, selenium. It tones the human body, increases efficiency, increases hemoglobin, restores water-salt balance, relieves edema, has a beneficial effect on reproductive function, normalizes metabolism and increases lactation in nursing mothers.

Growing arugula at home

Growing arugula at home

Since arugula belongs to cabbage plants, its main pest is the cruciferous flea, which makes it impossible to grow greens in open beds. And other harmful insects are not averse to feasting on this green grass in large quantities and at great speed. For this reason, gardeners do not risk growing arugula in their backyards, but on the windowsill it can be done much easier and more efficiently. Growing requires seed material, which can be purchased at specialty stores, and a little patience and perseverance..

The choice of planting capacity

Seeds are recommended to be planted in shallow containers, flower pots, or plastic or wood boxes. For convenience, you need to choose the size of the container that fits well on the windowsill.

The soil

In terms of acidity, the soil mixture should be slightly acidic or neutral.

In terms of acidity, the soil mixture should be slightly acidic or neutral. For arugula, purchased soil mixes are suitable, which are intended for growing seedlings or for indoor flowers, as well as forest soils. But it is not recommended to take garden land because of the risk of bringing in a fungal or infectious disease. If possible, you can prepare such a mixture yourself. You need to take one part of clean sand and two parts of humus and sod land.


Light-loving plants should not be grown during a short daylight period, since due to a lack of light, they will begin to stretch strongly. The optimal time for planting is early spring..

Seed planting methods

Experienced vegetable growers advise sowing seeds on the surface of compacted wet soil (without deepening). Planting material can be scattered randomly or in rows. Sprinkle the seeds on top with a thin layer of soil mixture and compact a little more with a wooden spatula. Then the container with seeds is covered with a thick transparent film and transferred to a dark room until shoots appear. This will happen about 5-7 days after planting, after which the film must be removed, and the planting containers must be transferred to a windowsill with good lighting..


Watering is carried out 3-4 times a week.

Watering is carried out 3-4 times a week. To maintain constant moisture in the soil, it is recommended to create greenhouse conditions for the plants. A small greenhouse can be built over plantings using a compact frame.


Approximately 7-10 days after the seedlings appear, the first thinning is carried out. Weak plants need to be removed. They can already be used for food. The quality of each stem of arugula depends on the density of plantings..


The crop can be harvested 2-3 times, if each pruning is “sparing”. The first full-fledged crop will ripen within a month after the first shoots appear..

Arugula on the windowsill – these are vitamins, trace elements and huge health benefits for all family members.

Arugula on the windowsill (video)

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