Aglaomorpha (Aglaomorpha) is a fern with a creeping horse and huge waiami. It is home to tropical rainforests located in the central and southern continent of America. Such a plant has a shaggy and creeping rhizome, which is large. For this reason, only a spacious pot is suitable for planting it. And therefore, flower growers do not particularly like this type of fern..

Like most other ferns, the aglaomorph has wide fronds, reaching a length of 50 cm. Directly on them are small leaves, varying in width.

Agglaomorphic care at home

Agglaomorphic care at home

Illumination level

The plant will need bright lighting, but the light should be diffused..


The flower will feel comfortable at 15-20 degrees, so the temperature must be kept in this range. Drafts negatively affect its condition, they should be eliminated. Do not let the temperature drop to 9 degrees and increase it to 23 – in both cases, the aglaomorph can get sick.

Watering mode

Moderate and systematic watering should be carried out throughout the year. Soil moisture should be maintained constantly, avoiding excessive flooding (since the latter leads to decay of the root system). For irrigation, you need to use lukewarm water.

Air humidity

Humid air has a beneficial effect on all types of ferns, including aglaomorph. For this reason, it is recommended to regularly spray its foliage from a spray bottle..

How to transplant

How to transplant

This procedure is best carried out in the spring, and only when certain circumstances arise (for example, a strong growth of the root system).

Aglaomorph breeding methods

To propagate such a flower, you should wait for spring. You can split the overgrown bush or grow a new fern from the spores..

Diseases and pests

The most common pest of this flower is mealybugs and aphids. Of the diseases, the following problems can be distinguished when growing a fern:

  • Drying of branches. The cause of the disease is too dry soil. The solution to the problem is to increase the frequency of watering..
  • Withering of the bush. This is because the root system starts to rot. To stop this, it is recommended to water the flower less often..

Types of aglaomorphs with photos

Aglaomorph crowning (Aglaomorpha coronans)

Aglaomorph crowning

The plant is capable of reaching a great height – 2 m. Its dark green fronds are stiff, lanceolate and triangular in shape. These ferns are native to China and India..

Aglaomorph mein (Aglaomorpha meyeniana)

Aglaomorph Maine

The thick rhizome of this flower is very similar to a paw. Thanks to this feature, he got his nickname – bears paw. This fern has feathery and long fronds (on average 65-100 cm), very smooth to the touch. Its homeland is the Philippine Islands, and its favorite habitat is rocks and trees growing in tropical forests..