Crazy Time is a wheel of fortune style game in which players select the numbers and sections of the bonus game on a large wheel that spins after completing each betting round, you only need to enter login and register at

Analyzing the latest trends can help players identify patterns, always remembering that randomness reigns supreme – this allows you to enter login and register at and conduct strategic analysis and allows players to place informed bets with caution.


Crazy Time is a multi-player live casino game featuring four separate bonus rounds with their own rules designed to be engaging and fun for players of all skill levels. Additionally, this game offers high payout potential. We recommend starting small bets to familiarize oneself with gameplay before increasing stakes over time.

This game is based on a money wheel with three distinct layers; the main wheel in one layer, multipliers and bonuses in another two layers and wheel segments labeled with colors and values, plus three separate multiplier/bonus games that add another layer. Players must guess where Top Slot will land; when it lands on Double or Triple all multipliers will double/triple respectively and added back onto initial bet resulting in winning number being added as resulted.

Outside of the main game, there are four bonus rounds that may be activated during any spin – Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Super Wild and Super Bonus are just four that may appear and each has their own set of rules and unique take on traditional game show experience – depending on where the wheel stops, players may win significant amounts of money!

While examining past spin results can help a player better understand trends in the game, it’s essential to remember that each spin is distinct and subject to chance – knowing this knowledge should provide power but shouldn’t overshadow its risks in live gaming.

Crazy Time was released by Lion Studios in 2021 as an ultra-casual mobile game, featuring elements of both an obstacle course and money wheel. Players collect coins and power-ups while having a blast. Simplistic controls enable easy gameplay; simply swipe left/right to move your character; collect power-ups to increase speed or invincibility to boost playthrough experience! Reviews for Crazy Time vary among critics – some applaud its addictive gameplay and time tracking feature while others criticize its lack of variety and repetitive nature.


Crazy Time is a unique, social and interactive game designed for multiple players at a time that provides players with the chance to earn big payouts. Alongside traditional bets, this game includes four bonus games which offer players exciting prizes if the wheel lands on one of its respective fields – should that occur, players will receive their prize according to its odds for that particular bonus game field.

The game is fast-paced and captivating, while being easy to pick up. Simply swipe left or right to control your character as they traverse a course filled with obstacles and power-ups – collecting these to unlock new abilities but if any hit an obstacle or fall off will require starting over.

Crazy Time’s impressive virtual world features an astounding 64-segmented wheel with three flappers that can reveal mega win multipliers on bet values. Before spinning the wheel, players select from Red, Green or Yellow flappers – and should one land on Double or Triple slots during its spin, your multiplier will double or triple and you will get another spin!

Tracking previous spins of Crazy Time can provide valuable insights, but it is essential to remember that each spin has its own set of probabilities. Looking back over historical data to spot trends or patterns may free players from superstition; however, making informed betting decisions within responsible gaming guidelines remains essential in making intelligent gambling experiences possible.


Crazy Time is an interactive multi-player game played over livestream, which allows for player engagement through its host mic and wheel gameplay with payouts and bonus rounds based on color and bonus game choice – your chances of winning depend on these choices!

Bets can be placed on up to eight spaces on the wheel with payouts from 1:1 up to x100, with optimal bets on number 1 being more reliable in terms of hit frequency and payout (x50) than others. Furthermore, Crazy Time features top slot multipliers which enable players to add special win multipliers or upgrade one of four bonus games available.

Crazy Time’s historical data provides valuable insight into the likelihood of hitting specific segments on the wheel, but it must be remembered that each spin is independent and past results cannot predict future ones. Analyzing statistics may provide useful guidance when crafting strategy; however, any strategy must always take into account probability and randomness as fundamental elements of gameplay.

Bonus Round in Crazy Time is an effective way to increase your bankroll. When the wheel lands on any of four blue spaces labelled Coin Flip, triggering this bonus round feature may award double or triple payouts! It can even happen multiple times within a spin! The Bonus Round feature of Top Slot is part of its multiplier system, increasing any numbered bets on the wheel by up to 20,000x and giving you greater odds of success in main game play. This can significantly expand your bankroll while increasing chances of big wins in main game action. Be realistic; bonus rounds don’t appear every spin and for maximum odds, it is wise to place bets on both colors and bonus games to increase your odds of success. In case a bonus round doesn’t materialise early on in a round, simply try again later in playback!

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming recently unveiled Crazy Time as their newest live dealer game inspired by game shows: RNG meets live gameplay to create an immersive experience for players, and Crazy Time does just that with its quirky theme and lively hosts adding extra enjoyment for players while its high payout potential keeps players engaged for longer.

Dream Catcher and Deal or No Deal Live are Evolution titles similar to Money Wheel Live; both feature a physical money wheel for prizes to be won, which the host spins to award prizes. In addition, this game also offers four bonus games with exponential multiplier potential that can increase winnings significantly.

Players start each round by placing bets on various segments of the main money wheel, which offers eight possible bets with 15 seconds for betting before spinning begins. Next, a presenter begins spinning Crazy Time wheel containing 54 segments divided into slots numbered 1, 2, 5, 10, as well as two special Top Slot segments; once spinning has concluded, your winnings will be revealed and announced along with its respective minigame.

Once a Top Slot segment has been won, a new 64-segment wheel will be activated. Each segment on this wheel contains a number that the player selects a blue, green or orange arrow to choose to reveal that number – the one chosen determining the multiplier on subsequent spins of the main Crazy Time wheel.

Crazy Time’s bonus games can be highly profitable, but it’s essential that players understand the odds and payouts prior to playing. Reputable online casinos should also be chosen when possible to minimize any scamming risks; otherwise, long-term profits can still be achieved by learning about and analyzing its results; stick with an easy strategy, and chances are good you will enjoy playing Crazy Time for many years!