how you can decorate champagne with your own hands for the new year

The most important attribute of every New Year’s holiday is champagne. Indeed, it is difficult to imagine a festive feast without a bottle of champagne. On New Years, it is customary to raise a glass of champagne and make a wish. But if you put in some effort, then a simple bottle of champagne can be a wonderful decoration for the New Year’s table. Decorated champagne will also be a great gift for family and friends. Therefore, in this publication we will tell you how to decorate champagne for the new year. Here we will give you the brightest and most interesting examples of decoration..

How unusual and beautiful to decorate a bottle of champagne for the New Year

Pineapple bottle decoration.

If you do not know how to decorate a champagne bottle for the new year, then you should turn to the easiest way to decorate it. Turn it into pineapple. For decoration, prepare:

  • green tissue paper that will imitate pineapple leaves;
  • orange tissue paper;
  • round candies in golden foil;
  • twine and glue.


  1. First, cut out squares from orange tissue paper. These squares must have parameters 6×6 cm.
  2. Now drip glue onto the flat side of the candies. After that, put the candy in foil on an orange square. If the candy is well attached to the paper, fold the edges of the square.
  3. Next, using a glue gun, we begin to glue the bottle with sweets. This should be done in a circle. As you can see, this process is not very difficult. But while working, try to glue the candies to each other as tightly as possible. Also start work on gluing the bottle from the bottom to the top. This will make your bottle look nicer and tidier..
  4. If you’ve finished wrapping the candy over the bottle, now take the green tissue paper. Cut thin and long leaves from it. Paste these leaves over the throat of the bottle.
  5. After that, wrap twine around the neck of the bottle, where the candies go to the leaves..

we decorate champagne for the new year with our own hands master class

Champagne decoration with ribbons.

In this article, we decorate champagne for the new year with our own hands. Now it is worth bringing for you another interesting master class on decorating a bottle of champagne. This method is very simple to implement. However, your bottle will look very pretty. To decorate the bottle, take:

how to decorate a bottle of champagne for the new year

  • 4 meters of satin ribbon;
  • 2 meters of brocade tape;
  • glue, scissors.


  1. First, measure out the tape for the first layer of wrapping. In this case, you should use the tape on the neck of the bottle. We measure and cut. Now it is worth making a few drops of glue all over the tape. Then, holding it with your fingers, glue it to the bottle. In the same way, glue the second, third and fourth circle of tape. Make this work so that the foil is visible.
  2. For the fifth and sixth rows, we use brocade tape. For decorating work, you’d better buy a silver or gold ribbon. Glue the brocade tape in one layer, starting from the bottom of the bottle, where the sticker ends, which is located at the bottom.
  3. At the next stage, between the brocade ribbons, we glue the satin ribbon in layers..
  4. And at the end of the work, we decorate the bottle, decorated with ribbons with a bow of satin ribbons.

decorate champagne for the new yeardecorate champagne for the new yeardecorate champagne for the new year

Decorating champagne as a gift.

Above we said that a bottle of champagne can be a great gift for the New Year. However, giving ordinary champagne is somehow not very pleasant. Therefore, try to decorate the bottle with a sparkling drink in an original way. Then you will be able to make an original and pleasant gift. So, for decoration you may need:

we decorate champagne for the new year with our own hands master class

  • oblique binding (10-11 m);
  • scissors, glue;
  • fabric for bows.


  1. For the upper part of the dress, you should use a silver braid. You just stick it, covering the emblem on the bottle with it..
  2. You must overlap two rows. Then take the pink ribbon. It is recommended to use a little glue in the work. Glue the tape diagonally. Pink tape should be wrapped up to the middle of the bottle.
  3. After that, it is worth wrapping with pink tape to the end of the bottle..
  4. Then make a skirt. Take the pink bow ribbon. Collect it on a string.
  5. Glue on the skirt with glue or secure it with thread.

how to decorate champagne for the new yearwe decorate champagne for the new year with our own hands master classwe decorate champagne for the new year with our own hands master class

Original decoration of a bottle of champagne.

Today, there are several ways to decorate a champagne bottle. For the next method, you should prepare:

  • thick aluminum foil,
  • medium wire,
  • decorations. Tinsel, small Christmas tree decorations, beads and ribbons are suitable here..

how to decorate a bottle of champagne for the new year


  1. First, we take the foil and wrap the bottle with it. In this case, use two to four layers of foil. Press the foil tightly against the bottle.
  2. Next, we wrap the bottle with wire. Moreover, you do not need to wrap tightly.
  3. Now you can start decorating the bottle. It all depends on your imagination. For example, you can use spruce twigs that are attached in a spiral starting from the base of the bottle. But we decorate the places through which the foil is visible with strips of fabric or wide braid. You can also use decorative paper.
  4. Finally, add: small Christmas tree decorations, candies, pine cones and toys.

how to decorate a bottle of champagne for the new year

As a result, you will get this beauty..

Candy bottle decoration.

Such decoration not only looks beautiful. It turns out that chocolates can be removed from the bottle and eaten if desired. In general, try to decorate the bottle in this way and your gift will definitely remain in the memory of the person. For this craft, prepare:

  • delicious chocolates,
  • decorative plastic beads,
  • Christmas tree decoration that will have needles or a bow,
  • glue gun.

How to do?

Work on gluing the bottle should start from the bottom. It is necessary to move to the top of the bottle. Arrange the sweets asymmetrically. If we talk about the number of sweets, then their number is not limited. At the end of the work, attach a Christmas tree decoration to the bottle..

decorate champagne for the new year

Champagne bottle festive decor.

Now we should offer you another interesting decorating technique – decoupage. To work you will need:

  • napkins with Christmas pattern,
  • primer and acrylic paints,
  • PVA glue,
  • acrylic lacquer,
  • sponge and scissors.


  1. So, apply a primer to a clean bottle with a sponge. It is worth doing this in a blotting way. Press the sponge against the glass while you work. You need to make 2 layers. Apply the second layer after the first one dries..
  2. White acrylic paint is applied to the primer layer. By the way, it also needs to be applied in several layers. The paint should dry. After that, it should be sanded in order to get a perfectly flat surface. Use fine sandpaper in your work.
  3. Now we cut out the drawing from the napkin and separate its top layer. Make the edges of the picture torn.
  4. In the next step, attach the drawings to the bottle. Pick their location.
  5. After that, glue the drawings to the bottle with a special tool. You can also use PVA glue in your work. In this technique, the glue should be applied neatly over the drawing. Movements should be light. You need to move from the center to the edges of the picture. Let the glue dry and then apply a second coat of glue..
  6. After you seal the entire bottle with drawings, it is necessary after drying to cover the bottle with acrylic varnish..
  7. We decorate the space between the drawings with paint or sparkles. You can also use other drawings.
  8. Decorate the top of the bottle as well. Use ribbons, needles and cones.

how you can decorate champagne with your own hands for the new year


In this article, we have provided just a few, but the best, ways to decorate champagne bottles. You can dilute our advice with your imagination and skill. As a result, you will get an interesting decoration of the festive table, or a wonderful and unique gift for your loved one..