in what color to celebrate the new year 2020

It’s never too early to prepare for the New Year. An outfit, a festive program, traditions, a festive menu – all this must be detailed and perfect. The upcoming 2020 is the year of the White (Metal) rat. This combination can be a little confusing. What does the metal rat prefer? How should you celebrate the New Year in order to completely please her? This is what we will tell you about in our today’s article..

How to celebrate the New 2020 Year of the Rat signs

The year 2020 is approaching, above they told what animal according to the horoscope he will now find out about how to meet him? You can treat omens in different ways. But without a doubt, we all want this festive New Year’s Eve to be exciting and magical. And the coming year was rich and prosperous, why not ask how you should meet the new 2020 year of the rat, highlight some of the signs that can contribute to good luck.

If you want to become rich in the coming year, then you should:

  1. Find a red bag and put some coins in it. Then it should be removed to the lowest shelf of the refrigerator. Let this bag lie there all night on January 1st.
  2. You must put a large denomination in your jacket or jacket pocket. Thus, money will always be at hand for you in the coming year..
  3. You should take a coin and wash it thoroughly. At the moment when the chimes of the clock will strike, it should be thrown into a glass filled with champagne and drunk. And the coin must be put in a wallet and worn as a talisman. Don’t waste this money..
  4. Before the New Year holidays, you need to light seven green candles in the quartet. This is the color of money! He must definitely attract finance to your home..
  5. Before the New Year, it is mandatory to distribute existing debts and not lend money to other people on December 31 and January 1.
  6. After the chimes strike, you need to open the front door or open the window for a couple of minutes, so that luck and well-being can enter your house.
  7. You can decorate your holiday table with coins. They need to be placed in the corners of the table..
  8. In order for positive energy to always be present in your home, it is necessary to throw out all the old broken things on the eve of the holiday. In order for the future hostess of the year, the Metal Rat, to become favorable to you, you should definitely adhere to the following signs:
  9. You should celebrate the New Year in a cheerful and noisy company of your relatives and friends. Celebrating the new year in a cafe or restaurant must be abandoned. The rat simply cannot stand the waste of money..
  10. Lay a white tablecloth on the festive table. It will surely bring prosperity and prosperity..
  11. An apartment or house needs to be decorated with various metal decorations. If you don’t have one, then you can wrap two, three items with foil.
  12. You can wrap the legs of your festive table with a string or ribbon, so that your family ties only grow stronger.
  13. It is necessary to give up washing dishes in the morning of January 1, in order not to wash off the happiness that the rat will bring..
  14. It is important to carefully check the dishes that will be on your holiday table. There should be no cracks or chips on it..

So, New Year’s signs will allow you to meet this holiday perfectly. There is another very important point – the rat does not tolerate devastation. She will always strive where there are many different tasty supplies. Based on this, your New Year’s table should be rich in treats. All that the rat adores should be suppressed on him. But we’ll talk about this a little later..

what to wear for the new year 2020 for a woman

What to wear for a holiday

How to celebrate the new year 2020? Here you can be helped by some of the signs that you need to adhere to when choosing one or another clothing. Your best bet is to buy a new outfit. Next year is the year of the metal rat! For this reason, your clothing must match this..

Women can wear:

First, let’s find out what to wear for the New Year 2020 for a woman. It can be a strict dress, or a dress with a fluffy skirt. The ideal option would be a dress in a metallic color. Also, sequins and sequins will be no exception..

2020 is the year of what animal according to the horoscope and how to meet it

Layered skirts, pleated, fringed and tulle skirts. Fringed trousers are currently the most fashionable. This option can bring you not only good luck, but also make you stand out..

One-shoulder top, ruffled blouse, loose-fitting shirt. The rat prefers convenience, neatness and year 2020 how to meet what to cook

Jumpsuit in bright colors. Either metallic or white. Leave very coarse fabrics in the closet. Silk clothing should be chosen.

new year dishes 2020

New Year’s men’s look 2020 can consist of comfortable trousers, a jacket, a T-shirt or a shirt. It is necessary to give up jeans.

new year 2020 how to meet what to cook

Special attention should be paid to shoes. It must be very comfortable. Rats run incredibly fast, do not tolerate inconvenience and stiffness in their movement. For this reason, your shoes of choice must match all of this..

2020 is the year of what animal according to the horoscope and how to meet it

In what color to celebrate the New 2020 Year of the Rat, signs

Color plays a very important role not only in creating a whole harmonious look, but can also help you attract the favor of the next year of the rat. In what color to celebrate the new year 2020? This is what we will talk about further. Several signs will help you to forward a suitable option..

The white metal rat will appreciate:

  • silver,
  • gold,
  • White,
  • ashy color.

But this is not the whole range of colors that you can use for your personal outfit. If you choose:

  • Orange,
  • citric,
  • green or brown.

Then a very original and successful image will also come out..

If you like not very bright colors, then in this case you need to complement the overall image with bright accents. For example, bijouterie, gold jewelry, or a headband.

In addition, the rat will highly appreciate lurex. It follows that the outfit should be not only beautiful, but also comfortable..

As for men, you need to turn your attention to swordsmen of bright burgundy shades. It is better to wear brown instead of a black jacket. A tie can complement this solemn image..

what gifts cannot be given in the new year

What is forbidden to cook and serve as snacks on the table in the coming year of the rat. Signs

We talked a few words about how to celebrate the New Year 2020. Now let’s find out what to prepare for this holiday. Choosing a menu for the New Year’s table is a responsible and important stage. Of course, everyone wants to pamper themselves and their loved ones with various delicious dishes. But in this case, you should try to please the rat. Some signs will tell you that it is forbidden to cook and serve on the New Year’s table in the Year of the Rat..

Many cooks are just lucky – the rat is an unpretentious animal. She is thrifty and omnivorous. It follows that there should be a wide variety of dishes on your New Year’s table. But in this case, you should spend money on the purchase of products wisely and with savings..

You can put both meat and fish on the table, and. but very fatty food, nevertheless, cannot be put on the table. For example, it is necessary to completely abandon fried pork dishes..

If you want to cook any salad, then you need to exclude cabbage from it. In this case, the rat will be favorable to you all year round..

what to celebrate the new year 2020

Experts have a double opinion with regards to cheese slicing. The thing is, according to most people, rats simply love cheese. But in fact, this product can repel them with its rich aroma. Based on this, it is best for you to refuse cheese slicing. It can be added to any salad.

As for the side dish, here you can choose the one you want yourself. Rodents are very fond of cereals. But will a rice dish look festive on a New Year’s table? You can cook rice with some savory sauce or vegetables. In addition, on your New Year’s table there should be a moderate amount of strong alcoholic drinks..

And it is better to replace coffee with tea or a light cocktail. There is another very important sign – spices in dishes should be used at the very minimum, in order not to frighten off rodents with a sharp aroma..

What you can’t eat in the Year of the Rat, signs

You probably made a decision about what New Year’s dishes you will cook in 2020. Those people who love delicious and delicious food can relax. There are not very many options for those dishes that are forbidden to eat in the year of the rat..

Judging by the signs, in the year of the rat it is better not to eat aromatic dishes. They scare away rodents.

This means that the new year will not bring you the long-awaited good luck. You also need to be careful with the various herbal teas. It should be excluded:

  • Elder.
  • Mint.
  • Chamomile.

As for spices, they should also be used in moderation in dishes. You don’t need to eat a lot of fatty fish and pork in the coming 2020. Rats are rather thrifty animals. For this reason, you should try to keep food supplies in your refrigerator and pantry throughout the year..

Rats have a negative attitude to the high consumption of alcoholic beverages. It is best to opt for fresh fruit juices or dried fruit compote. Semolina is the only cereal that rats don’t like. For this reason, you do not need to eat porridge every day..

new year signs

What can not be given in the year of the Rat, signs

After you have been able to figure out which outfit is best to wear for the celebration of the year of the rat, you should think about gifts. And here not everything is as easy as it might seem. Let’s find out what gifts cannot be given in the new year 2020. The rat is a very economical animal. Based on this, she simply does not tolerate unnecessary waste of money. All gifts must be useful and practical..

The following signs will tell you what should not be presented in the year of the rat:

A soft toy or a figurine in the shape of a cat. This also includes a live kitten. You also need to refuse a presentation in the form of a chanterelle or a dog..

Also, do not give a live mouse or decorative rat..

In order to avoid many small worries and troubles in the coming new year, there is no need to present trinkets. Every gift should be practical and useful..

Proceeding from the fact that all rodents simply cannot stand pungent odors, one should refuse to purchase perfume and eau de toilette..

Glass and sharp objects are taboo! Since broken glass is used to scare away rodents.

There is one more sign – a present in the coming year of the rat should be given with soul and sincere feelings. The rat is a very sensitive animal. She can easily smell a catch. and if she suddenly feels that the donor was lying, then 2020 will be the most unlucky year for him.

in what color to celebrate the new year 2020

What can not be done before the New Year of the Rat, signs

In order not to scare away the Rat, you should know what is prohibited to do before the onset of 2020. All the described signs are understandable, and they can be easily followed. In this case, the Rat will not bypass your home. On the night of December 31 to January 1, 2020, it is prohibited:

  • Wash dirty dishes.
  • To break dishes. The rat is very afraid of noise..
  • Swear and quarrel at the festive table.
  • Dispose of leftover food in the trash bin. This will lead to a lack of money, and possibly even hunger..
  • You cannot leave the festive table empty. It will lead to poverty.
  • Completely refuse to come to your door and guests. Or worse, chase them away. Together with them, luck will turn away from you and go away.
  • There is one more sign – in the new year it is forbidden to take negative thoughts and bad mood with you. Everything old must definitely stay in the last year.

Signs will help you decide how you do not need to meet the new 2020. The most important thing here is that it is forbidden to celebrate the New Year in a bad mood. The rat is a tenacious and agile rodent. This means that a good positive attitude will help you to live the coming year calmly..


When celebrating the new year, you should not tell everyone about your plans. This can scare off your luck. In addition, you should not make too much noise, swear or quarrel. This will also scare off the rodent. Do not use harsh perfumes abundantly. Apply aroma lamps at the time of the new year. All rats live in families. For this reason, the holiday is best celebrated with family and friends. The same people who wish to start their own family in the coming year should celebrate the new year together..